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As far back as we can remember, apples have always been associated with teachers. Students may come to school with a shiny, new apple and place it lovingly on the teacher’s desk. It’s an old tradition and a very sweet gesture! Each year, we are given all sorts of apple goodies from students and parents, so we thought it would be fitting to begin our blogging with an article on apples. Being teachers from New York, we are no strangers to apples. The “Empire State” has some of the best around, but honestly, our favorites can be found right inside the Disney parks. No matter what park you visit, there is something for the apple lover in all of us. Let’s take a closer look at some of Disney’s finest~


WDW Radio Roll Call

Remember these kids from school?


“The Wiz Kid”



We found this guy to be at the top of the class. You will be spellbound by the combination of gooey caramel and rich, creamy chocolate. This candy apple treat is a real “no brainer” for any sorcerer. It’s magic on a stick!


“The Teacher’s Pet”


What can we say?  You just have to love them!

They’re everything we want and more!


“Class Clowns”



So every class has a clown or two. These two little monsters might just keep you laughing through the parks. They always put a smile on our faces!



“The Know It All”



Oh yeah, this guy! He knows how good he is! The cat’s out of the bag…this candy apple is sweet and sugary. One bite and you’ll be smiling, too!


“Glee Club President” 


This little guy will sing all day for a Dole Whip®!



“The High School Sweethearts”


Oh…young love! You just can’t have one without the other, so go ahead and eat two! We won’t tell~


“The Dog Ate My Homework”       


(And, yes, kids really have used that one on us!)

We asked this goofy guy why he didn’t hand in his homework. All we got was,

“Aww shucks…I forgot!”


“Prom Queen”


What can we say? This one’s a real beauty! This fancy apple is super sweet, with lots of white chocolate and icing. It’s for the real girly girl!


“The Loner”


Hmmm…moody and deep.  He’s so black and white. Make no bones about it, this guy is delicious!


“The New Kid”




There’s been so much talk about the new kid in town. We hear he’s from Norway. Caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate and candy all rolled into one.

This tasty treat is best served Frozen!


(Belle, Bunny, Olaf, Mickey, Minnie & Jack Skeleton apple photos property of Loren Javier, Flickr Creative Commons; Sully and Mike apple photos property of Cory Doctorow, Flickr Creative Commons; Sorcerer Mickey apple photo property of Dex, Flickr Creative Commons; Goofy and Cheshire Cat apple photo property of Claire & Ed Sutton, Flickr Creative Commons; Orange Bird and Olaf apple photos property of Sam Howzit, Flickr Creative Commons)




Disneyland® Resort

Disneyland® park
Candy Palace, Main Street, U.S.A.
Pooh’s Corner, Critter Country

Downtown Disney® District
Marceline’s Confectionery*

Disney California Adventure® park
Trolley Treats


Walt Disney World® Resort

Magic Kingdom® park
Main Street Confectionary
Storybook Circus

Downtown Disney® Area
Goofy’s Candy Company



Candy Apple Report Card: A+

*Kid tested, teacher approved



POP QUIZ: Which candy apple are you?


Hello Everyone! Our names are Maureen Petrone and Pamela Rose. We are moms, avid Disney fans and elementary school teachers from Long Island, New York. When we are not in the “House of Mouse” with our families, we can be found in our classrooms.  We call ourselves “TeachEars.”  We love the thrill and wonder of the Disney experience. The educational opportunities are endless! Walt Disney was a visionary, who taught us all to think big and dream bigger. It’s a wonderful message for our students. The classroom/Disney connection is a perfect fit!  We hope to bring you some interesting blog posts about the Wonderful & Educational World of Disney.