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4000 Posts! – A Celebration of the WDW Radio Blog


Because of the dedicated work of numerous individuals, the WDW Radio Blog is proud to publish its 4000th post!  In celebration, our team of writers is looking back at the entries that meant the most to each of them.  We invite you, our readers, to be our guests as we remember our best work, and we thank you for faithfully joining us each day as we share our love of Disney!

“My favorite post thus far that I have wrote is the one on the PeopleMover at Magic Kingdom.  The research that I had done to learn more about the attraction uncovered so much information about Walt Disney’s direct influence on it.  What I believe is one of the most special ideas Walt ever had was his dream for Epcot and the People Mover was a very important element to his futuristic community.”

-Alex Larson (It All Started with the Carolwood Pacific)


“Although I have only recently joined the WDW Radio Blog community, I’m definitely happy with what I have contributed so far. Out of my extensive repertoire of posts (amounting to a mind-boggling grand total of three…), the one I had the most fun writing was my latest, ‘Animatedly Yours: Animation Appreciation’. The topic is something that I am extremely passionate about, which I think (or at least I hope) can be seen throughout the post. I even had a good time doing some research for it (something I never thought I’d say!) because I got to learn more about something I’m really interested in.”

-Alyssa Schulman (Animatedly Yours)


‘Seeing the World Through a First-Timer’s Eyes’ from January 15, 2014 – Writing for this blog opens my eyes to many things. This was especially true following a spontaneous trip to WDW over winter break last year. Three aspects made this trip unlike anything I’ll be able to repeat: the spur-of-the-moment nature of the adventure, the doubled vacation time thanks to a wonderful Cast Member, and, highlighted in that blog post, seeing a place that was so special and familiar to me through the perspective of someone who had never been there before. That trip was a game-changer for me, and, for that, this post is among my favorites.”

-Blake Taylor (Finding Disney)


“My favorite post so far has been the ‘Top 5 Inside Jokes of WDW: Pixar Edition’.  I love that Pixar hides inside jokes in their movies and having references to their movies sprinkled throughout the Parks seems appropriate.  Also, I was proud of myself for finding the Cars reference in Test Track, and it may have freaked out my wife a little bit.  In her defense, yelling and pointing as the car is taking a sharp turn may not have been the best response.”

-Chris Fox (Inside Jokes of WDW)


My favorite blog post to date involves my confession to a group of students that I have never eaten a turkey leg in the Magic Kingdom (or anywhere else on property for that matter.)  It is a wholly true story, and reminds me of some awesome students.  The sad follow up to the story is that while I promised to try one on the trip I had later that school year, I contracted a terrible stomach virus while in WDW (how awful!) and couldn’t fathom eating a turkey leg—much less anything else…  So my streak of unfulfilled poultry dining remains unbroken!

-Christy Viszoki


‘A “Couple” Things Disney: A Walk Down Memory Lane via WDW Buttons’ (6/11/14) – This was my favorite post because I got to relive so many milestone moments in WDW. It was also the first time I actually held those buttons since our trips because I had them stored safely away for years. I’m a very sentimental person, so for me, being able to hold those buttons in my hand brought back a flood of emotions! It was also cool for me to see the comments from other readers as well. I was glad to see I’m not the only one who keeps them.”

-Felicia (A “Couple Things” Disney)


“I have not been part of the WDW Radio Blog team for very long, but I am proud to be part of such a wonderful group of writers. Out of the few posts that I have written so far, my favorite would have to be ‘Military Mouse – Reenlisting at “Magic Kingdom Park”‘ from July 3rd, 2014. The story of my unique reenlistment was my first post after my introduction. It was such a wonderful experience, and I love that I was able to share it with the world.”

Joshua Shusterman (Military Mouse)


“While I have enjoyed writing all of the pieces that I have contributed to the WDW Radio Blog, my favorite is a special piece I wrote, ‘Disney and the Museum of Science and Industry: There From the Beginning’. This past February, I had the opportunity to visit the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives Exhibit and attend a lecture given by Disney Legend, Marty Sklar, both of which took place at MSI Chicago.  Before leaving, I knew I wanted to write a post describing all that I saw and experienced.  Little did I know how much I would learn about the city of Chicago, its connection to the Disney family, history of the Walt Disney Company, etc.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I loved being able to share it!”

Kendall Foreman (I Have a Craving & Know Disney?)


“In my short time here blogging for WDW Radio, it has been the most fun I have ever had writing. In my short career here, my favorite post was my first post about what my blogs were going to be about. It really got me thinking deeply about my life and all my fun Disney memories with my family. Writing the blog showed me how Disney has been a big part of my life and how my family have had some of the best experiences together at the parks. I really enjoyed writing about my life and sharing my Disney knowledge with everyone. WDW Radio is awesome, and I love to write for them. I hope I’m still writing for them for the 14,000 post! Thank you!”

-Nick (Teen Disney)


“My favorite blog post is the very first post I had ever written. I was happy to have the chance to kick off this amazing journey writing for the WDW Radio blog by providing a tip regarding one of my favorite snacks at Walt Disney World, which is ice cream! I still cherish this tip every time I visit the parks and find it to be very convenient.”

-Peyton Spear (Adventure Into the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow & Fantasy)


“My favorite piece that I’ve written is ‘Top 5 Sleepy Hollow Things That WDW Should Add To The Parks’.  I love it because it was so fun creating the five things, and I was so excited to write it! So, of course, with more passion comes the best posts.  I always love the details and history of Disney, and Sleepy Hollow has a lot of the same things so it was really easy to get inspired!  I’m very proud of that one.  I would also like to say…wow!  Before I came onto the blog team last summer, WDW Radio’s 3,000 blog post was posted!  I thought how cool it must feel to help reach an accomplishment like that… And now to think that I’m a part of the 4,000th is crazy and amazing!!!  I love writing for WDW Radio!”

-Ruby (Disney Girl Next Generation Mouseketeer)


‘A “Couple” Things Disney: WDW Marriage Proposals’ (9/5/13) – This is my favorite post so far because not only was I able to recount and share one of the most amazing moments of my life, but also maybe inspire some other Disney World fans to pop the question in a magical way.”

-Sean (A “Couple” Things Disney)


(Image from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman)