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Disney Girl: My Experience at the “Frozen Ice Palace” in Short Hills, NJ



Now in malls across the country, you can experience the Frozen Ice Palace In celebration of the release of Frozen‘s Sing-Along Edition,  you can now explore different Frozen themed rooms, take pictures with Santa and much more at your local mall!  One of the places where you can see this is at The Mall at Short Hills (in NJ), which isn’t too far from my house, so luckily I got the chance to experience it myself! Here is my review of the Frozen Ice Palace.



IMG_1209My family and I got in line at about noon and waited for an hour.  I’m home schooled, so we got to go on a Thursday.  That also meant that there were a lot of  toddlers there, so I was the oldest kid in line…Haha!  No shame here though!  The wait wasn’t bad, but later in the day ([5:00] PM-ish) there was barely a line at all, so I guess it really just depends which day you go.



IMG_2185IMG_1233Finally, after waiting, we got to go into the first area!  When you first walk in, you’re greeted with a sign that says Welcome to the Ice Palace. Giant Frozen-themed snow globes and images of characters are spread throughout the whole place!  There are two video screens that play scenes from the movie and a real block of ice you can put your handprint in!  And, on the wall, there is an icy measuring tape so you can see if you are as tall as Sven or Olaf.  It was so fun watching the littler kids go up and not even be as tall as Olaf!  So cute!  You can even play a video game on the way to the line for photos.

IMG_2190It can get crowed in that area so if you want to take a picture of/with something, run to it fast!  People can be pushy to say the least and shove their kids in front of there really quick, but if you just wait your turn, eventually, they will clear up.  Also, toddlers like to stand smack in front of the video screen, which just so happens to be in front of the Olaf snow globe (the most coveted of the selfie-ops there) so their parents have to come and pry their little fingers off.  That’s very entertaining while waiting! So, warning: it can get a little Disney crazy in there!



 The first room  leads into a line for the pictures on the ice throne.  It’s basically a giant icy looking chair, and you sit on it.  Then they pile 2 or 3 Olaf plushies on you and snap some photos.  The picture is cute, but it’s definitely for younger kids.  We didn’t buy that one, but I think it was $12.  Also, you don’t have to get your pictures taken if you don’t want to.  You can just skip the lines and go through the rooms.



IMG_1256IMG_1249After the pictures, we were lead into the the coolest part of the ice palace!  In this circular room, there are about ten screens playing different montages from the sing along!  The music is playing and there are colorful lights everywhere which makes the snow look real- oh, yeah… I forgot to mention that IT SNOWS in there too!!!  I love this room. I felt like the Disney magic really was there.  I was fan-girling out big-time when “Love Is an Open Door” came on and probably took way too many selfless in front of that screen… haha still no shame!

If you are planning to take a picture with Santa (which comes after the snow room), I would like to warn you that the snow sticks… it does not easily some off!  But since it’s a circular room, the snow only falls in the middle, so the adults (and myself) can stay on the sides.



The snow room was awesome, but after a little, we left and went to take our annual Christmas picture with Saint Nick!  We met Santa Claus and the picture looked great!  He talked to us for quite a while and was so friendly.  During our conversation, I told him I write for WDW Radio and then he asked me how he could find it!  So, shout out to Santa if you’re reading this!  After that, he gave us a free Frozen look ‘n’ find book and special coloring pages.  There are a few photos packages you can purchase with varying prices including a CD with your photo on it.

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)


IMG_2194So, that’s my review guys!  Maybe there’s a Frozen Ice Palace near you, and if so, try checking it out.  They are open until December 24.  Now before I go, I have some questions:

Have you experienced the Frozen Ice Palace?  If so, did you enjoy it?  Tell me your experience, questions and any other thoughts in the comment section below!  I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading and have a magical day! – Ruby 8:)


Ruby is a twelve year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!