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Know Disney? – “Tangled” Treasure

In this series, Know Disney?, blogger Kendall Foreman introduces readers to aspects of the Walt Disney Company, its films, history, and parks that are possibly heretofore unknown to the reader.

Tangled -kfWhen the Magic Kingdom Park’s Fantasyland Skyway Station permanently closed, many Walt Disney World (WDW) aficionados speculated that better restroom facilities would replace the vacated attraction.  Some also posited that the restrooms would be based upon the 2010 Disney animated feature film Tangled.  After some time, their theories proved true when, in March of 2012, the site was cleared, and construction ensued.

Most presumed the project to be a simple restroom construction, and therefore believed it would be completed in short order. However, as the work moved forward, it seemed to do so at a snail’s pace, and some began to poke fun at the slow progress.  Undaunted by the scoffing, Imagineers and construction workers went about their efforts, and the new area finally opened in March of 2013.  When it was revealed, park guests were able to witness firsthand the scope of the work that went into the highly-themed and extremely functional rest area.

Not only are park guests provided with easily accessible restrooms in this expansive, whimsical retreat, they have access to designated stroller parking, multiple charging stations, and scenic sitting areas. Moreover, Rapunzel Tower sits atop a hill with a cascading waterfall so picturesque that it is a perfect photo opportunity.  In addition to the aforementioned amenities and themed features, visitors may also notice several details from the film such as Rapunzel’s paint supplies on the women’s side, several frying pans (her self-defense weapon) on the men’s side, Maximus’ horseshoe prints in the pavement, friends of Pascal hidden throughout the landscape, a poster publicizing the return of “Hookhand at the Piano”, and luminaries featuring the sun from Rapunzel’s mobile.

satchel - kfIn addition to all of those, there is a simple yet highly significant item that is worthy of special mention. Hidden in plain sight is Flynn Rider’s leather satchel, which held Rapunzel’s priceless tiara that he snatched from the castle.  Guests need only look toward the second story balcony to see the bag precariously dangling there, and as they do, they will likely find themselves wondering, “Is the tiara inside?”

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.) 

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Kendall began visiting Walt Disney World in 1991 with her family and has continued to visit the resort with her husband.  As a child, she and her family filled vacations with challenges such as “How many times can we ride Splash Mountain during SpectroMagic and the fireworks?” (Answer: 7)  Now, after marrying a converted Disney skeptic, she and her husband enjoy challenges such as “How many hours can we eat nonstop at the Food & Wine Festival?” (Answer: 4)