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Teen Disney: Animal Kingdom

“Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hey everyone: sorry it has been so long; school has been getting the best of me. Today I will share my top attraction and food picks for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Often regarded as a “half-day park,” there is really lots to do over a full day.  (Yes, I do know they are adding Avatar Land, but that’s going to take a few years).



1: Expedition Everest. My second-favorite coaster in Walt Disney World (the first being Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Starring Aerosmith).  It has a great 80 ft. drop and a nice backwards part to it, too. I won’t give the whole ride away, but let’s just say there are a few surprises. With breathtaking views of the resort and a great story line, this coaster is great for everyone in the family — especially teens.

Expedition Everest



2: Kali River Rapids. By far the most intense water ride in the resort, this 12-person raft whips you around the rapids; and as it says in the queue: “You will get wet! You may get SOAKED!” This is a great ride, and you can even bring your little siblings — if they’re over 38 in. tall.



3: Kilimanjaro Safaris. On this attraction, you board a Jeep with a tour guide who guides you through Animal Kingdom’s extensive area.  You may view any animal from lions to giraffes roaming freely throughout this part of the park. A fun ride for the whole family.

kilimanjaro safaris


Restaurants: There is only one restaurant here that I can offer  a recommendation for as my family usually doesn’t have a sit down meal here.


1: Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe:  A quick-service Chinese food restaurant serving items like lo mein, egg rolls, and fried rice. A quick change of pace from the usual burger and fries.


A park often skipped, due to ride count and a lack of “stuff to do,” this park definitely is more than meets the eye and is great for teens and the teens at heart!

Nick is a 14-year-old freshman in high school.  Living in Maine, he cannot go to WDW more than once a year, but enjoys that yearly trip with his family.  Being the Disney connoisseur in this family, he frequently answers Disney questions and helps plan vacations for anyone who needs it.  He is commonly referred to as My Pal Nicky by his friends and family.  If you have any questions feel free to e-mail him at snic1123@gmail.com or look him up on Facebook and twitter @njfor3.

(Yeti photo from the personal collection of Caitlin Corsello.  Other photos copyright Disney.)