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WDW Radio “Blog in Brief” – Christmas at Walt Disney World

In this WDW Radio Blog Team series, each of our writers will give his/her faced-paced, social-media length impression of the latest Disney topics such as movie premiers, attraction openings, park events and more.

castle lights fireworks - disney

For the December edition of the “Blog in Brief”, the Team is discussing what is or would be their favorite thing about visiting the Walt Disney World Resort at Christmastime.


“I’m from Wisconsin and Christmas without snow is a very sad thing.  When I spend Christmas at Walt Disney World, it is sometimes hard to get the complete feeling of Christmas without the snow and cold and that is why I love walking down Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom when it magically snows!  The falling “snow” with Cinderella Castle in the background is a very magical moment to enjoy.”

-Alex Larson (It All Started with the Carolwood Pacific)


“I always love to see Cinderella Castle decorated for the holiday season! It’s beautiful and is reminiscent of the glistening snow that WDW never gets to experience.”

-Alyssa Schulman (Animatedly Yours)


“My husband and I have not been to Walt Disney World over the actual Christmas holiday yet. At some point, we will probably not have Christmas with our family members and travel there instead. I think what we would enjoy is seeing lots of people on Christmas Day all cheerful and happy. Also, it would be fun to see if the parks had anything special on Christmas Day that we haven’t experienced before.”

Alyssa Wiseman (shopDisney)


epcot christmas - disney“The Christmas tag at the conclusion of IllumiNations is my favorite part of Disney’s holiday festivities. It is an emotional, powerful moment… if not for the moving “Peace on Earth” song, then for the gargantuan amount of explosives erupting in the sky. It’s incredible.”

-Blake Taylor (Finding Disney)


“Being from New York, nothing says Christmas like snow, so my favorite part of Christmas at WDW is watching it snow on Main Street during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.”

Caitlin Corsello (Disney From The Twenty-Something & Self -Shot Tuesdays)


“When I day dream about a Christmas trip to Disney, I imagine that there is so much to do and see that it would be a completely different trip than I’ve ever done before, which is exciting to me.”

-Chris Fox (Armchair Imagineer)


Gingerbread - disney“My favorite part about Christmas at Walt Disney World is the Castle Dreamlights. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Cinderella Castle all lit up as long as I live. The Grand Floridian Ginger Bread House is a very close second and must be mentioned!”

-Don Myers (WDW Radio Newswire)


“For Sean and I, Christmas in WDW always reminds us of getting engaged. Four years ago this December!”

-Felicia & Sean (A Couple Things Disney)


“I can’t wait until I am able to visit Walt Disney World in November or December. There are so many wonderful special events for the holidays. The one I look forward to the most is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, mostly for the snow, hot cocoa, and cookies on Main Street, U.S.A.

Joshua Shusterman (Military Mouse)


“I always love the Candlelight Processional at Epcot.  Nothing else expresses the reason for the season and puts me in the holiday spirit!”

-Kathy & Sean (Looking for Magic)


“Whether it is a life-size gingerbread house, a multi-story Christmas tree, millions of dancing lights, a chocolate carousel or numerous other decorations, I love that each one was artistically crafted to perfectly compliment the theme of the park, resort, land or pavilion in which it is displayed.  Each one is so beautiful and makes Christmastime at WDW truly magical.”

Kendall Foreman (I Have a Craving & Know Disney?)christmas parade - disney


“Being a sweet tooth, my favorite thing about Christmas at Walt Disney World is the free hot chocolate and cookies at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!”

-Peyton Spear (Adventure Into the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow & Fantasy)


“I’ve never been to Walt Disney World for Christmas, but when I do eventually make it, I would like to hear my favorite musical act, the ‘Dapper Dans’, sing Christmas songs.”

Richie McNanna (Displaced Disney Dad)


“I’ve always wanted to go to Walt Disney World during the holidays! What I think I’d most enjoy is the decorations and treats around the parks and resorts! Also, the awesome merchandise for the holiday season.  Hopefully, next year I’ll be going Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!”

-Ruby (Disney Girl Next Generation Mouseketeer)


(Photos ©Disney)

What do you enjoy or think you would enjoy most about visiting Walt Disney World during the holiday season?  Please let the Blog Team know in the comments section!