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If you are one of the millions of Americans who has resolved to lose weight in 2015, then you are three and a half weeks into tracking calories, exercising, cutting carbs, protein loading and or some other method of achieving your goal.  Chances are, regardless of your efforts, you are still craving your favorite junk food. I admit that is true of me. Be that as it may, instead of trying to ignore, or even deny those cravings, I have decided to embrace thinking about them. Why? Well, the temptation to cheat is virtually eliminated for me since the majority of my cravings can only be satisfied in a place far away from where I live.  Self-control is so much easier when what you have a hankering for is completely inaccessible. So, I will indulge in dreaming of those yummy treats, and look forward to enjoying them the next time I am in the place where, in my opinion, calories should never count, Walt Disney World (WDW).

For the record, I make absolutely no effort to control my cravings while on holiday there. After all, to my way of thinking, vacations and deprivation have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Besides, whether it can be substantiated or not, I choose to believe that because I am walking so much, I must be negative on my calorie intake, right? Therefore, in the spirit of vacation indulgences, let’s all mentally fall off the weight-loss resolution wagon together, and for just a few minutes, daydream about some of the best ways to satisfy a fried food craving at WDW.  Since there are so many options available on the property, I have decided that, rather than rank them, I will list them alphabetically.


Beignets – Is a French term for a deep-fried choux pastry.  They are common to New Orleans, and can best be described as a donut without a hole. When prepared correctly, they are fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside and generously dusted with confectioners’ sugar.  The ones at Sassagoula Floatworks  and Food Factory at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter are perfection.

Bongos Combo – Served at Bongos Cuban Cafe at Downtown Disney, this appetizer for two includes five of the restaurant’s most popular menu items, two of which are deep fried.  The Papas Rellenas are mashed potatoes stuffed with Criolla minced beef which are then breaded and deep fried.  The Masitas de Puerco are simply Cuban mojo marinated chunks of pork that have been deep fried.

Churros – While the origin of this fried-dough pastry remains unclear, here in America, it is most closely linked to the Latin culture. The ones found at Disneyland and the Frontierland Churro Cart in the Magic Kingdom Park (MK) are the iconic handheld, foot-long treat at WDW.  The fried, elongated sticks are then rolled in a generous coating of cinnamon sugar.  (Note: There are shorter versions of churros available at other locations throughout the property.)

Conch Fritters & Onion Rings – Available at Olivia’s Cafe at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, the deep fried shellfish conch fritters are served with key lime-mustard and rémoulade, and the onion rings come with mango ketchup and key lime-mustard.  The onion rings are a personal favorite of WDW Radio’s very own Christy Viszoki.

Corn Dogs – These can be found in many locations throughout WDW; however, my husband is convinced they taste best from Westward Ho Refreshments in Frontierland at MK.

Crab Rangoon – Crab, cream cheese, water chestnuts and chives fill these small puffs of tempura fried deliciousness.  Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney serves them up with Thai chili sauce, spicy mayo and sriracha hot chili sauce.

Croissant Donuts – Disney’s version of the infamous Cronut is on the menu at Epcot‘s Refreshment Port on the right side of the entrance to World Showcase.

Egg Rolls – Known simply as the Egg Roll Wagon, the small food cart is located near the Swiss Family Tree House in Adventureland at MK and serves both a Pork Egg Roll and a Vegetable Egg Roll.

Fish & Chips – In my personal opinion, the best fish and chips I have eaten are served at Epcot‘s Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  Be sure to enjoy yours with a healthy dousing of malt vinegar.

Fried Candy BarsCooke’s of Dublin at Downtown Disney has a super-rich dessert on its menu known as the Doh Bar.  According to Raglan Road‘s website (the partner restaurant to Cooke’s), this is a Snickers bar dipped in donut batter and then deep fried.  A significant number of guests who have tried this item testify to its extreme decadence as well as to the need for sharing.

Fried Chicken – Rumor has it, the best fried chicken in WDW comes with a hootin’ hollerin’ good time at Fort Wilderness Campground‘s dinner show, the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.

Funnel Cakes – Many believe that this delicious treat—made by dripping batter through a funnel into hot oil to form a colossal fluffy and crisp cluster of drops—was popularized in the Pennsylvania Dutch country right here in the United States. So it seems fitting that they can be found at Sleepy Hollow in MK and Fife & Drum Tavern in Epcot. (Note: They are also available at various other locations on property.) WDW funnel cakes are most commonly served warm with a generous dusting  of confectioners’ sugar.  Some are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, topped with strawberries and whipped cream, chocolate syrup, apples, pumpkin spice or vanilla ice cream.

Waffle Fries & Sweet Potato Tater Tots – Piled-high waffle fries come in four different topped varieties at Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland at MK, or if you have a sweet tooth, the Outpost also serves up powdered sugar dusted Sweet Potato Nuggets.

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What is your favorite fried food at Walt Disney World?  Let me know in the comments section!


Kendall began visiting Walt Disney World in 1991 with her family and has continued to visit the resort with her husband.  As a child, she and her family filled vacations with challenges such as “How many times can we ride Splash Mountain during SpectroMagic and the fireworks?” (Answer: 7)  Now, after marrying a converted Disney skeptic, she and her husband enjoy challenges such as “How many hours can we eat nonstop at the Food & Wine Festival?” (Answer: 4)


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