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Sunday WDW Radio Crossword Puzzle: Oscars Edition!

The Sunday crossword puzzle: an institution in many a Sunday newspaper.  Now, WDW Radio debuts its version of the relaxing weekend classic…and just in time for this evening’s Academy Awards®!

All of today’s puzzle clues relate to a Disney Oscar winner in some way.

Click on and print out the following crossword puzzle, and use the clues below it.  Answers will be posted next week, and we ask that you, please, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box — anything from corrections to this existing puzzle to suggestions for future clues or puzzle topics.

In the meantime,  sit back with a cup o’ coffee and enjoy this edition of the Sunday WDW Radio Crossword Puzzle!

Picture 5


3. Major technological innovation introduced in “The Old Mill”
6. Manner in which Walt Disney received his Oscar for “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day”
7. First Disney nature documentary Academy Award winner
8. “Flowers and Trees,” for example
11. “Lend a Paw” star
12. Lasseter to “Nemo” pitch-man Stanton: “You had me at ‘___________.’”
15. Nightmarish WWII-era Donald Duck short featuring Adolf Hitler
18. “Poppins” director
1. Alan Menken thought THIS “Little Mermaid” song should’ve won the “Best Song” category…but he took the alternative.
2. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” honorary award presenter
4. ’32 Academy Award Ceremony locale
5. Personally, Walt had 59 of these from the Academy
9. Feathered denizen of the Hundred Acre Wood
10. “Ben and Me” setting
13. This documentary contained songs which eventually appeared in “Westward Ho, the Wagons!”
14. Glen Keane's masterpiece.
16. Munro Leaf wrote the original tale
17. Fish and Chips-owning, Poppins bobby