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WDW Radio Blog in Brief – Which Disney Film Should Have Won Best Picture?

In this WDW Radio Blog Team series, each of our writers will give his/her faced-paced, social-media length impression of the latest Disney topics such as movie premiers, attraction openings, park events and more.   


oscars - kathyTo date, no Disney film has won a

Best Picture Oscar.


Only four Disney films have been nominated

in the category: Mary Poppins,

Beauty and the Beast, Up and Toy Story 3.


With the Oscars taking place this Sunday,

the WDW Radio Blog writers are discussing

which Disney films, either live-action or

full-length animated feature, they think

were most worthy of being nominated for

and wining a Best Picture Oscar.


 “A movie that I felt truly represented Disney to its fullest was Big Hero 6 and if I were to see this film win an Oscar for Best Picture, I think it would be absolutely amazing.”

-Alex Larson (It All Started with the Carolwood Pacific)


“I definitely think The Hunchback of Notre Dame deserved to win Best Picture. It was absolutely beautiful in every way.”

-Alyssa Schulman (Animatedly Yours)


“Best Picture should have gone to The Happiest Millionaire or In Search of the Castaways – just kidding.  And, yes, I have seen both of these movies.  My real answer is Mary Poppins my all time favorite movie!”

-Andrew Prince (Disney On Wheels)


“My pick for a Best Picture Disney Oscar is one that was nominated in the actual category in 1965, Mary Poppins. To me, it stands as an example of the studio’s finest work, not only for its resonate message and characters, but also for the way it encompasses everything Walt Disney learned over his vast career into one film, a true tour de force of Disney magic.”

-Blake Taylor (Finding Disney)


“My favorite Disney movie has always been Peter Pan, so I think it would have been awesome if it won a Best Picture Oscar. The film combines some classic, songs, beloved characters, and a story that every adult can relate to in never wanting to have grown up. It’s for the young at heart and, in my book, deserves that Oscar.”

Caitlin Corsello (Disney From The Twenty-Something & Self -Shot Tuesdays)


“I really think that Saving Mr. Banks should have at least been nominated for the Oscar. For general audiences, it was a fantastic drama about a woman wrestling with her past and for Disney fans, it gave us the ability, at least in a little way, to look back at one of the golden eras of Disney.”

-Chris Fox (Armchair Imagineer)


I think leaving Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs off the Best Picture category in 1937 is the one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history. Honorable mention also goes out to 1995’s Toy Story. How do you snub Buzz and Woody??!!!

-Don Myers (WDW Radio Newswire)


One of the biggest Disney snubs in my book was The Little Mermaid. This is the film that kick-started the Disney Renaissance, a period of time that featured great animated films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. The story is well told, and it became an instant classic.

Joshua Shusterman (Military Mouse)


“Even though most of the film takes place on our planet, impeccable animation draws viewers into a world entirely different from our own.  Masterfully done without words for much of the film, Wall-E‘s flawless story tells a beautiful tale of impossible love.  The scene depicting EVE’s frantic efforts to revive WALL-E’s personality is award worthy all on its own.”

Kendall Foreman (I Have a Craving & Know Disney?)


I think that The Lion King should have won the Oscar for best picture because it is my personal favorite Disney movie, and with all its great aspects, it deserved a high honored award like that.

-Nick (Teen Disney)


“Our kids think Big Hero 6 should get an Oscar. Great movie with a great message. Also, Tangled has beautiful animation and music. It’s beautiful to watch. If they are talking about Disney movies from the past, we think Secretariat should have won. It was a great movie…so well done but completely underrated!”

-Maureen Petrone & Pam Rose (TeachEARS)


“I think The Lion King should have won Best Picture because I believe it has one of the best soundtracks and animation for any Disney movie. Also, it’s one of my favorites!”

-Peyton Spear (Adventure Into the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow & Fantasy)


The nominees for Best Picture Oscars in 1964 were My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Zorba the Greek, and Dr. Strangelove…the winner, of course, was My Fair Lady.   I don’t necessarily disagree with this outcome — My Fair Lady is a classic for the ages — but I’ve always felt Mary Poppins was every bit the film My Fair Lady is.   The score, effects, and theatricality of both films really creates whimsical settings of fantasy in each…to me, the only reason Lady had the edge over Poppins in the eyes of Academy voters was its Broadway past and Poppins’s perception as a children’s film.  Considering all of this, Poppins, while not the Best Picture winner was every bit worthy of being so.  Interesting note: Julie Andrews, not in the film version, originated the part of Eliza Doolittle in the original Broadway production of My Fair Lady…ironic.

Richie McNanna (Displaced Disney Dad)


I’d choose Into the Woods! It’s message is so beautiful, and the characters are very interesting and flawed, which I love. It’s a very different movie, and the music and costumes are amazing, also. I could watch it over and over again!

-Ruby (Disney Girl Next Generation Mouseketeer)

(Photo from the personal collection of WDW Radio bloggers, Kathy & Sean.)

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