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Armchair Imagineer: Cinderella’s Hidden Crown

With the live action Cinderella movie out in theaters, I thought we could talk about one of my favorite hidden details in the Magic Kingdom Park.

As you walk through Cinderella Castle and emerge in Fantasyland, you’ll see a statue of a beautiful yet homely girl playing with her animal friends just off to your left. Behind her is a royally designed façade complete with a crown. You won’t pay her much mind because you also notice that there is a water fountain in front of her, and you realize just how thirsty you are.

Though it’s only mid-morning, the temperature is already in the upper sixties and climbing. Welcome to Florida.

You approach the water fountain and bend down to take a drink when your daughter beside you exclaims, “It’s Cinderella!” You stand up and look around assuming you’re about to get in line for the first of many princesses you’ll encounter that day (you’re still pretty proud of the fact that you were quick enough to get Fastpass+ reservations to see the princesses from Arendalle). But, you look around and notice that Cinderella is no where in sight.

So, you turn back to the water fountain for another quick drink and see your daughter staring at the statue. As you take your drink you realize that the girl in front of you is, in fact, Cinderella.

disneymoon may 24-29, 2009 (313)

How do you know? Well, when you’re standing up straight, the crown behind her is well above her head. But when you bend over to drink the water, the crown is now sitting on top of her head, revealing both the princess and the fact that you are bowing to her.

Your daughter, of course, saw Cinderella for who she was because your daughter was already at the right height to see the crowned princess.

(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)

Have you seen this Imagineering detail in person? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.


Chris grew up during the Disney renaissance of animation and took his first trip to Disney World when he was ten. Even though he has loved Disney his whole life, his obsession didn’t start until he began planning a trip for his honeymoon. Right now, his primary job (at least the one that doesn’t pay the bills) is to indoctrinate his daughter with his love of Disney while at the same time convincing his wife to move to Orlando so he can become a tour guide in the parks.