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WDW Radio Sunday Crossword Puzzle: Cinderella Edition

The Sunday crossword puzzle: an institution in many a Sunday newspaper.  Now, WDW Radio provides its own version of the relaxing weekend classic…and just in time for this weekend’s opening of Cinderella!

All of today’s puzzle clues relate to Cinderella (1950 and 2015) and Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle in some way!

Click on and print out the following crossword puzzle, and use the clues below it.  Answers will be posted next week, and we ask that you, please, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box — anything from corrections to this existing puzzle to suggestions for future clues or puzzle topics.

In the meantime,  sit back with a cup o’ coffee and enjoy this edition of the Sunday WDW Radio Crossword Puzzle!

Cinderella Crossword

2. "Drizella and _____________" -- the step-sisters
3. "Glass ______________"
7. What mice in 1950 called the poor ingenue
8. Legendary Disney sculptor; he sculpted many of the exterior statues of WDW's Cinderella Castle
9. Cinderella's 1950 voice
10. 2015 Director, Kenneth
12. "A dream is a wish your ___________ makes."
14. Number of stones in Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle
15. Eat here: "Cinderella's ___________  ____________"
17. Gourd-ish transportation
18. Stepmother animator
19. She plays Stepmother, 2015-style
20. 18 of these spires adorn WDW's castle

1. Lady Tremaine's Haunted alter-ego (Eleanor Audley)
4. Current Cinderella's (Lily James) "Downton..." role
5. The magic hour
6. Stepsisters' animator
11. Decorative iron grating above entranceway to castle
13. She flies from the castle every night even though she's from "Peter Pan"
16. G'head...just try and spell that spell correctly

(NOTE: Answers to the last puzzle will be posted shortly)