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WDW Radio Sunday Crossword Puzzle: Alaskan Cruise Edition!


The Sunday crossword puzzle: an institution in many a Sunday newspaper.  Now, WDW Radio provides its own version of the relaxing weekend classic…and just in time for this weekend’s opening of Cinderella!

As we count down the down the days to the WDW Radio Cruise to Alaska on the Disney Wonder,  contributor James Dezern provides this fantastic crossword puzzle for your enjoyment.

Thanks James!

Click on the link just below for the puzzle!

 Disney_Wonder Crossword


Answers to crossword from last week, the World Showcase edition:
Friendship:   Your affable, aquatic transport across World Showcase lagoon: “_________________ boats”
Goff:   Imagineer responsible for much of the modern concept of World Showcase: Harper _________________
Aztec:   Mexico pyramid is “__________________-inspired”
El Rio del Tiempo:  Original Mexico boat ride
Stave: Unique, noteworthy Norwegian architectural item: “________________ church”
Maelstrom:  We miss you, oh “Long-Lost Realm of the Trolls”
Heaven:  China: Beijing’s “Temple of __________________”
St. George:  In Germany, he slays the dragon
Biergarten:  Germany culinary favorite
Neptune:  Resident of Bernini’s Trevi Fountain
Doge:  Italy: the ________________’s Palace of Venice
Georgian:  Type of brick in the United States pavilion
Mark Twain:  Ben Franklin’s co-star
torii:  Type of gate in Japan
pagoda:  Epcot’s ________________ is adapted from the Horyuji Shrien of Nara
Morocco:  This pavilion opened nearly two years after World Showcase
Marrakesh:  In Morocco, the Koutoubia minaret of ______________________
Impressions “_____________________ de France” (film)
Les Halles:  In France, the long lost Parisian inspiration of the pavilion’s market
Rose and Crown:  I’d get a “black and tan” or a Smithwick’s here
Hampton Court:  In UK, a recreation of “Henry VIII’s ________________ _________________ Palace
Butchart:   Canada: replica “_________________ Gardens”
Laurier:   Canada’s Hotel du Canada is modeled after Ottowa’s Chateau ___________________