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Which Random Holiday Should Walt Disney World Celebrate?


In this WDW Radio Blog Team series, each of our writers will give his/her faced-paced, social-media length impression of the latest Disney topics such as movie premiers, attraction openings, park events and more.  

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Do an internet search for “random holidays”, and you will find a list that covers almost every day of the calendar year.   For example, today is “Scrabble Day”.  For this month’s Blog in Brief, the WDW Radio Blog Team is giving their suggestions for which random holiday they would like to see celebrated at Walt Disney World.   Which crazy holiday would you like to see WDW celebrate? 


If I were able to create a random holiday at Walt Disney World I would create National Mac-n-Cheese on Everything Day! How could you ever go wrong with mac-n-cheese?

-Alex Larson


Kite Flying Day (February 8th) would be a great thing to celebrate in WDW! There would be a parade starring all the Mary Poppins characters, with really beautiful, colorful floats that resemble kites, as the song “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” plays.

-Alyssa Schulman


Ice CreamOne of my favorite days is National Ice Cream Day – but isn’t that every day?!  So, I thought it would be fun to try different ice creams from around the world at Epcot!  National Ice Cream Day in Epcot World Showcase is actually the third Sunday in July!  Mexico – Fried Ice Cream; Norway – Krokan (creamy ice cream with a buttery, sugary nut crunch); China – Dan Tot (Chinese egg custard); Germany – Spaghettieis (German ice cream made to look like spaghetti); Italy – Gelato, of course; United States – American ice cream cone; Japan – Mochi ice cream (pounded sticky rice); Morocco – Coffee-cinnamon ice cream; France – egg-custard ice cream; United Kingdom – gelato or sorbets; Canada – Chapman’s (made with 100% Canadian milk)

-Andrew Prince


It’d be great fun to celebrate April Fool’s Day at WDW. Just imagine all of the characters, background music, and foods swapped around from their usual themes and in different locations!

-Blake Taylor


If I could pick a random holiday to celebrate at WDW it would be January 18th also known as Winnie the Pooh Day! The date commemorates the birthday of Winnie the Pooh creator and author, A.A. Milne, and I think it would be a lot of fun to celebrate in the parks by riding The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, serving special honey flavored treats, and having special Meet and Greets with the residents of the Hundred Acre Woods!

Caitlin Corsello


I would celebrate Free Comic Book Day at Walt Disney World. Every year, on the first Saturday in May, comic companies release special comics for free. There have even been Disney comics released  Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, Donald Duck, etc… There are also comic book artists and writers that come out and are available for signing autographs and drawing original sketches. I think this would work great at Downtown Disney…I mean, Disney Springs somewhere like Once Upon A Toy. Because of the Disney’s relationship with MARVEL, I bet they could get some great artists and writers to come down for the day.

-Chris Fox


An obscure holiday I’d love to see celebrated at WDW is National Pie Day! Every January 23rd, they could offer up some tasty free samples at various “sweet spots” around the parks. Cherry pie samples at Main Street Bakery, chocolate cream pie samples at The Confectionary, apple pie samples at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, ect. Just think of the delicious possibilities National Pie Day could bring to WDW!

-Don Myers


pirate day - disneyI would love to see Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrated at Walt Disney World. I can just imagine the special events they could have featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the scurvy crew from Pirates of the Caribbean. Plus, Talk Like a Pirate Day occurs just a few days before my birthday, as well as my oldest daughter’s birthday. I know we would both love celebrating our birthdays pirate style!

Joshua Shusterman


July 13th is Embrace Your Geekness Day.  I think it would be great for park attendees to see how cool it is to be a geek.  Imagineers could give presentations at various park locations such as the Castle Forecourt Stage or Premier Theater.  There could be Meet & Greet opportunities with Imagineers.  Even the characters could get dressed up in their geekiest attire!

Kendall Foreman

 fab five - disney

If there was any holiday that could be celebrated at WDW, I think it would have to be Fab Five Day where if you come dressed as one of the Fab Five you get a discount, and also, there would be many shows and contests throughout the day.



Feb 13th is Get a New Name Day. It could be celebrated by picking the name of your favorite Disney character, having it printed on your magic band, maybe taking a photo with character…??  From a teacher’s point of view, National Handwriting Day is Jan 23rd. Walt Disney has such a recognizable signature, and we seemed to have lost the importance of handwriting. Maybe each park could have a couple of stations set up with Disney postcards (like they do with the Duffy bear stations at Epcot) to encourage kids or anyone really to write a postcard to a relative or friend telling them about their awesome Disney vacation!  Food for thought…!

-Maureen Petrone & Pam Rose


If I could select a random holiday at WDW, I would choose National Ice Cream Day. Everyone in the park would get to have unlimited ice cream from any place they choose in the parks!

-Peyton Spear


I think National Siblings Day would be so cool to celebchip and dale - disneyrate at WDW! There could be a show held at each park hosted by different Disney siblings like Anna & Elsa at Magic Kingdom Park, Hiro & Tadashi in Future World at Epcot, Chip & Dale at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Phineas & Ferb at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The show would feature lots more characters and be interactive for sisters and brothers of all ages! You could even buy special pins from the event (the double pack kind that you could share with your sibling).


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