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Teens, get hyped for the WDW Radio Disney Alaskan Cruise!

Nick Mick

Hey, WDW Radio Blog world! The cruise is only 21 days away!!! I wish I could be going, but I have that little thing called school, I also just returned from Hawaii for April break (which contributed to my lack of posting). Anyway, I’m back to talk to you guys about teens on the Disney Cruise Line. Now, adults, some these things you can do, too, so don’t get discouraged by the “teen”name.

I am very fortunate to have been on 2 Disney Cruises. One on the Magic when I was 3, and another last year on the Fantasy. Yes, I was pretty cute back then.


So, a lot of teens might assume Disney Cruise Line is geared only toward younger clientele, and this is partially true. Disney does have a lot of little kids, but it also has teens, too, and special clubs for them. Edge and Vibe.

disney cruise edge - disneydisney cruise edge 2 - disney

Edge is for the “pre-teens” ages 11 to 14 and has a lot of fun things like dance parties and video games.

disney cruise vibe - disneydisney cruise vibe 2 - disney

Vibe is for the “full teens” so to speak ages 14 to 17. It has nightly themed parties, mocktail bar, DJ classes and a lot of other fun things to do. It’s a great place to meet new friends and just get away from the parents because it’s a no parents zone.

goofy pool - disney

If you do have to spend time with your parents (I mean, they did pay for the vacation!) check out the pools on the ship. The main pool is the Goofy’s Pool on the Wonder, and it has a huge screen to watch movies while you swim. The other awesome thing is the slide, but you have to be under 5’3, so I couldn’t do it.

disney cruise dining - disney

Food, food and more food. After being on 9 cruises, one thing that you find out very quickly is that visible weight gain is the goal of the week. Just kidding, but food is everywhere on cruise ships, and since most of it (not including specialty restaurants) is included with the price of the cruise, you can let loose a little. For a hungry teen like me this is a dream. I eat whenever I can, but I make sure to hit the gym a few times to burn it off too. Which leads me into another thing for teens sports/fitness.

cruise goofy sports - disneydisney cruise fitness - disney

One thing that I personally like about cruises is the sports deck, more specifically the basketball court. I play a lot of basketball and there is something amazing about playing with all that beautiful scenery around you. If you can get a pickup game going, it’s even better, and sometimes the youth staff has tournaments that they set up. Especially for this Alaska cruise, you will be outside exploring a ton, but if you’re on the ship and it’s too cold to play basketball outside, check out the fitness center. Filled with treadmills, weights and other great workout tools, this is, as I said earlier, a great place to burn off that food. With great water views, it is an awesome thing to do!

In the end there is a lot to do for teens on the Disney Wonder and just remember on a beautiful cruise like Alaska next month, don’t forget on sea days to look out from the deck and just enjoy where you are. Also, sleep in on sea days because really what is vacation without sleeping in? HAVE FUN!

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Nick is a 14-year-old freshman in high school.  Living in Maine, he cannot go to WDW more than once a year, but enjoys that yearly trip with his family.  Being the Disney connoisseur in this family, he frequently answers Disney questions and helps plan vacations for anyone who needs it.  He is commonly referred to as My Pal Nicky by his friends and family.  If you have any questions feel free to e-mail him at snic1123@gmail.com or look him up on Facebook and twitter @njfor3.