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What is Your Dream Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise Alaska 2 - disney

With departure day for the WDW Radio Alaskan Cruise only 25 days away, the WDW Radio Blog Team is discussing what their ideal Disney Cruises would entail.


My dream Disney Cruise would be around Europe – many of the Disney princesses originate from there after all! Maybe I’d make a deal with a sea witch, become a mermaid and swim alongside the cruise ship for a little while if I got bored.

-Alyssa Schulman


Andrew-Prince-Blog in brief-cruiseNova Scotia – from Boston:  Cruising with Disney is another favorite way to spend time with all of the characters and enjoy a Disney vacation with my family.  I have been on seven cruises so far with DCL including several cruises to the Eastern and Western Carribbean, Bahamas and Mediterranen including Greece and Turkey.  This year I am headed for Norway and the Baltic for two more cruises.  Next, I would like to sail up the Eastern shores of the US and see Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Montreal.  Being in a wheelchair and needing a special van, this trip would take a long time to drive, but on a cruise ship it would be awesome.  DCL offered this cruise several years ago, but we did not take advantage of the itinerary. My other dream Disney Cruise would be taking a cruise with Lou and the rest of the cast of WDW Radio.


kids club cruise - disney

My dream Disney Cruise would include an adult equivalent of the kids’ clubs. Maybe not everyone would enjoy it, but I know I’d have a blast hopping aboard the Millennium Falcon or the Black Pearl. Sure, there are adult sections on the ships… but what about the “big kids”? 😉

-Blake Taylor


disney cruise hawaii - disneyMy dream is to take a Disney Cruise to Hawaii and stay at Disney’s Aulani Resort. I have never been to Hawaii, but staying at this resort it definitely on my Disney Bucket list, so taking a cruise to get there would be even better!

-Elysabethe Thatcher


We took a Disney Cruise on our Honeymoon 2 years ago. It was our first cruise experience, and we’re spoiled! However, my dream Disney Cruise would be to Malta, the tiny island nation in the Mediterranean. I think for all Disney Cruises to Europe, Disney should also have their own airline, so the magic can start the moment you board the plane.

-Felicia & Sean


My dream Disney Cruise would never leave the port.  I struggle with motion/seasickness, so I would like it if Disney would allow you to spend a night or two on the ship while it is docked.  This way, I could experience all of the amazing things I have heard about!

-Kendall Foreman


My ideal Disney Cruise would encompass a Hawaii/California Coast itinerary. It would have to be on the Fantasy and stop at as many ports as possible while still having some sea days. It would be amazing!


Disney Cruise Food 2 - disney

My ideal Disney Cruise would encompass great food (we know Disney always has that covered) and great excursions when the boat docks!

-Peyton Spear


My dream is to take a Disney Cruise from Vancouver — a place I’ve had a secret crush on since its Winter Olympics — to Alaska.  My ultimate goal: slap a pair of mouse ears on a killer whale; challenging and daring, but possible.

-Richie McNanna

(Photos ©Disney.  Map from the personal collection of Andrew.)


What would your dream Disney Cruise be like?  Let us know in the comments section.