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What happens when Disney characters visit new places? – A Magical Mix-up

Hi there! I’d like to introduce a new series I’ll be starting called “Magical Mix-up”. Each post will be dedicated to a different illustration I’ve concocted that includes an individual Disney character dressed for a setting that would likely be completely foreign to him or her. I always think it’s fun to imagine various character and realm cross-overs within the Disney universe, especially since we frequently see them interact right before our eyes whenever we visit one of the parks. All Disney characters and their respective worlds collide in the parks, thus inspiring me to play around with some of my favorites and smile at the topsy-turvy result.

disney.studios.1For my first creation, I chose Snow White… in Tomorrowland! I created the image awhile ago but only just recently got around to seeing the film so named for the futuristic section in Magic Kingdom Park. Though I don’t want to get too far into talking about Tomorrowland (the film), I would just like to say that it was better than I expected (and I could think of myriad possibilities for new attractions in the parks derived from the movie, which I hope the Imagineers create!) I was lucky enough to see the movie in the Disney Studios theatre because I’m currently in Los Angeles, and it was a truly magical experience (see pictures right and below!). If you want to read a little more into what this film is truly about, check out Ruby’s WDW Radio post, “Tomorrowland”- Why It’s the Most Important Film You’ll See in 2015.

disney.studios.2After seeing the film and having experienced the Tomorrowland section of Magic Kingdom, I’m aware that Snow White would probably be the last person we would expect to see traversing the galaxy, let alone the area just adjacent to Fantasyland. That is exactly why I’m starting this series. It’s exciting to come up with your own stories and possibilities, just as the Disney film and show writers do, and see where they lead! Does anyone remember when Kim Possible visited Lilo and Stitch in their own TV show? It’s wild and definitely unexpected, but that’s what makes it fun!

The message of the movie Tomorrowland was that we need more dreamers in the world, creative minds who believe anything is possible, to come together and invent the unimaginable. So, for this series, I will be asking YOU as well as anyone I know personally to give me suggestions as to which character crossover I should do next!


(Images from author’s personal collection.)

Who would you like to see in my next post? What mixed up destination or identity are they in? Any character and any place/theme Disney-related is welcome!


Alyssa S.Alyssa Schulman is currently a student at Rhode Island School of Design. She was born in Florida but moved to Massachusetts at age 10. Alyssa’s heart has belonged to Walt Disney World for as long as she can remember, but something very high up on her bucket list is to visit all other Disney locations. She intends to pursue illustration in the hopes of being even half as inspirational, or at least entertaining, as Disney Animation continues to be to her.