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How to avoid, deal with or enjoy the rain at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Rainshowers

If you are planning to visit Walt Disney World in the summer months, be prepared to get caught in a heavy rain shower or thunderstorm at some point each day.


These outbursts are almost as predictable as the three o’clock parade. What may be harder to determine is where or how you should spend your time during the downpour. This month, members of the WDW Radio Blog Team give their best suggestions for avoiding, dealing with or enjoying the rain.


mickey fountain - disneyThe June showers in Disney… They’re inevitable. BUT I never let them ruin my fun! You know those sprinkler/fountains they have for kids to play in and cool down on a hot day in the parks? Well when it’s raining, imagine it’s like those, but there’s enough to go around for everyone! I guess it’s not a way to avoid the showers, but I’d rather embrace them and enjoy my time at Disney, no matter the weather.

-Alyssa Schulman


Having not experienced WDW in June, but experiencing rain in January I would say the Norway pavilion at Epcot.   During a downpour our family hopped into the shops in Norway. After browsing the store, we stopped near the troll and watched many families having their pictures taken in various poses.  It was quite comical. Part of our family decided to make a run for the Maelstrom ride (before the Frozen take-over) while others adventured under eaves to the pastry shop.  We spent about 45 minutes being entertained by other guests before the rain started to let up.  Overall it was fun, but time consuming.

-Andrew Prince


The best way to escape the June showers is to be prepared for them! Always bring a rain jacket. Sure, it may be cumbersome, but you’ll be ready for the deluge of droplets careening for the sky when (not if) they come.

-Blake Taylor


The best way to escape the June rain would be to watch my very favorite show, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress! I was very fortunate on one of my last visits to have noticed the storm clouds rolling in before the rain started. So, once I was out of the popcorn line I made a B-line for the show, and by the time we came out, the rain had cleared and everyone, except us, was soaked!

-Elysabethe Thatcher


We avoid WDW in the summer months. Too expensive, too crowded, and way too hot! It’s cooler in NY (most of the time)! We got caught in the rain at WDW only once. We got drenched, but we were on our way back to our hotel anyway, so it wasn’t too bad.

-Felicia & Sean


My perfect place to ride out a downpour – the west side of Main Street, USA. I can easily occupy myself for the duration of a typical Florida pop-up shower, browsing shelf after shelf of collectibles, toys, home décor items, clothing, accessories, and more. However, be forewarned, a lengthy shower may result in overspending.  Be sure to save some money for a bite to eat, too, because if the rain hasn’t stopped, just walk the length of the shops, and you will find Casey’s Corner.

-Kendall Foreman

 disney quest - disney

Although I’ve never been in June, to escape the June showers at WDW I would try to hit up all the great indoor shows throughout the parks. Also, for video game lovers Disney Quest is also a fun indoor activity!



I believe the best way to escape the June rain showers in WDW is to visit the indoor movie showcases in pavilions at Epcot!

-Peyton Spear


canada epcot - disneyThe best June rain dodging experience I ever had was running into the Canada pavilion film queue with a bag of assorted Canadian delights from the mercantile.  Spent a solid hour enjoying the rain hit the rocky waterfall while chatting with the Canadian cast members.  They were funny,  and it was a solid experience, eh?

-Richie McNanna


(Photo ©Disney)

What do you do when the Florida showers strike?  Share your suggestions with other readers in the comment section below!