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Armchair Imagineering a Villains Theme Park

Lady-Tremaine - disney

Rumors have been going around for years that Disney is developing a villains themed park. That rumor may never come true, but, with Descendants coming to the Disney Channel, I thought it would be fun to play Armchair Imagineer. What would I like to see in a villains theme park?

  • First off, resurrect Snow White’s Scary Adventure. I’m talking about the first version, where you are thrust into the role of Snow White and the Evil Queen is after you.
  • My immediate next thought goes to thrill rides, because that’s what I love the most.  How about a roller coaster based on the coaster used by Yzma and Kronk to get to their secret lab in The Emperor’s New Groove?
  • I would also love a simulator ride (think Star Tours) that takes you through the streets of San Fransokyo as you are being chased by Yokai and his microbots from Big Hero 6.
  • And, because every Disney park needs a mountain, a race through Fantasia‘s Bald Mountain along the lines of Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain (except, you know, with an audio animatronic that works). Bald Mountain would also serve as the icon for the park.
  • I’m also imagining an entire land with twisted versions of classic Disney rides run by the Mad Doctor a la the video game, Epic Mickey.
  • For shopping we have Dr. Facilier’s Magic Shop and Sid’s Create-a-toy (especially since Disney Quest is closing).
  • For nighttime entertainment, I propose a show about the villains who are celebrating the fact that they finally have a park of their own, where heroes aren’t allowed. They decide to celebrate by announcing that no one is allowed to leave the park ever. Who could possibly come to the rescue? Wreck-It Ralph! Even though he’s a hero at heart, he’s still the bad guy in his game, so the villains mistakenly let him into the park, giving him the opportunity to save the day.

(Photo ©Disney)

Those are my ideas. What would you like to see in a villains theme park?

Chris grew up during the Disney renaissance of animation and took his first trip to Disney World when he was ten. Even though he has loved Disney his whole life, his obsession didn’t start until he began planning a trip for his honeymoon. Right now, his primary job (at least the one that doesn’t pay the bills) is to indoctrinate his daughter with his love of Disney while at the same time convincing his wife to move to Orlando, so he can become a tour guide in the parks.