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Top Villain-Themed Merchandise in Walt Disney World

When celebrating the dark side of Disney, it’s only natural to consider some souvenirs!  On a recent trip to the World, I checked out what was available for those who want to be one with their villainous side.  While you have to look a little harder for villain-themed merchandise than you do for princess items, there are so many options available to guests.  Join me for a virtual shopping trip through the World honoring the Disney ne’er-do-wells.


Probably the go-to item for an affordable souvenir, mugs offer a number of villains to choose from.  Select one for your desk at work to remind people on a Monday morning to tread softly!

mug3 Mug2 Mug1










If you really want your work space to convey the mystery of the Disney villain, try out a notebook or pen.  People will take notice in your next meeting if you are working with a pen that has a villain’s head on it!

office1 office2










Want to BE a Disney villain?  Disney Parks offer plenty of ways for you to look like our favorite bad guys (and gals).  From hoodies, to hats, to Magic Bands to purses–there are numerous ways to celebrate the dark side.

hoodie horns









magic band kitchen2










Want to get the rest of the family in on the villainous fun?  Easy cheesy!  There are play sets, cars, and even dog collars!

Toy1 toy2 dog





Any hardcore Disney fan also collects something related to their magical passion.  If villains happen to be your favorite Disney theme, there are pin sets, figurines, watches, and ornaments to add to your collection!

pins pins2 watch cat ornament

















We hope you enjoyed this virtual shopping trip.  Be sure to join us tonight at 8PM for our group viewing of Disney’s Descendants.  Watch the WDW Radio Facebook page for live comments, questions, and reactions!

 (All photos from the author’s personal collection.)

Which piece of villainous merchandise is your favorite?  Do YOU have a villain souvenir from a previous trip?  Tell us about it in the comments below!