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Magical Mix-Up: Toy Story Edition

Hello! It has been a while since the first post of this mini-series, so just in case you need a reminder or missed it, the first Disney character that I redesigned in an unexpected way was Snow White. To get caught up, find it here!

Anyway, now I’m back, and this time I’ve got TWO characters to share with you! They kind of go hand-in-hand though, so I felt I couldn’t do one without the other. I decided to recreate Buzz and Woody from Toy Story! As someone in the comments of the previous post kindly suggested, I mixed up Woody and Buzz’s iconic outfits.



It was a fun challenge to take on because, first of all, Buzz and Woody are toys. Obvious, yes? But what makes this a challenge to draw is that their bodies are cleverly designed as real toys would be, with individual pieces that fit together to make up these characters we know and love. And since Buzz and Woody are two completely different types of toys, the artists designed them to appear as if they were manufactured with different materials (i.e. Buzz is made of plastic while Woody’s body is fabric). Due to this design, I had to imagine how Buzz’s clunky plastic limbs (which are actually made OF his suit rather than within a separate suit) would fit in the fabric of Woody’s flannel, and vice versa, how Woody’s flimsy limbs would appear in a sturdy suit. In addition to the opposing materials, the two toys are uniquely shaped (different heights and widths) with outfits made to fit them perfectly. So, trying to visualize the swap was harder than I thought it would be because I had to alter the outfits to fit completely different body types! Who knew I would have to double as a seamstress in addition to being an artist?…Well, I at least had to imagine I was one in order to make it work. It was also exciting to do two characters at once because I had to figure out how I wanted to have them interact, if at all. I had to step into their shoes (or boots, rather) and imagine just how they would react if this situation actually occurred. The result, in my opinion, is kind of hilarious.

Sidenote: I had to guess what Buzz Lightyear’s hair color was. Does anyone actually know? I’m pretty sure we only ever see him wearing his purple thermal layer in his spacesuit. That would make a great trivia question!

(Image from author’s personal collection.)

Who do you want to see mixed up next? Hero or villain? Best friends like Buzz and Woody? Animal to human, or reversed? Let me know in the comments below!

Alyssa Schulman is currently a student at Rhode Island School of Design. She was born in Florida but moved to Massachusetts at age 10. Alyssa’s heart has belonged to Walt Disney World for as long as she can remember, but something very high up on her bucket list is to visit all other Disney locations. She intends to pursue illustration in the hopes of being even half as inspirational, or at least entertaining, as Disney Animation continues to be to her.