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On Labor Day, Let’s Thank the Cast Members!


According to the United States Department of Labor, Labor Day was established as a “national yearly tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”  Walt Disney World has a team of Cast Members who undeniably deserve the same recognition, so with that in mind, members of the writing team for the WDW Radio Blog would like to thank and pay tribute to the individuals who tirelessly and joyfully make our vacations magical and memorable.


parade-kathy“A BIG Magical Thank You to all past and present Cast Members! Thank you for all of your help over the years when I have visited Walt Disney World (Disneyland, too!) Your patience while I get on the attractions from my wheelchair is greatly appreciated.” -Andrew Prince

“I would love to say thank you to all of the Disney Cast Members who work hard at making our vacations ‘magical.’ I love going to Walt Disney World because you know that people there are extra friendly and always have a smile on their face. Talking to various Cast Members is also fun because they love to tell you about their college, hometown, or even talk about how they are excited for new attractions! I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to deal with thousands upon thousands of people, questions, and cultures on a given day, but they do so without outward complaint. I have very seldom met a Cast Member who gets upset and honestly am amazed by that ability.” -Alyssa Wiseman

“Thank you to the selfless Disney Cast Members–who put aside their own personal stresses and concerns to be part of making magic, which in turn allows us, the guests, to escape our own daily concerns and escape to a carefree world of happiness.  I’m certain most of us will never understand all the frustrations and sacrifices involved in your job–but know that your work is so appreciated!” -Christy Viszoki

“Whether they work in the parks or behind the scenes, Cast Members are in the business of creating magic for guests.  I thank them for welcoming me “home” when I arrive, for treating me like an ageless princess each and every day while I’m on my trip, and for helping to create a lifetime of memories.” -Kathy

Bert-kathy“It takes special people to strike a balance between spookiness and fun for each child meeting the Grim Grinning Ghosts, to take time from making a hotel room spotless in order to craft whimsical towel animals, to search and search the reservations list for an opening for a little girl at Cinderella’s table, to capture the timeless joy of a magical gathering on film, to ferry guests across the same lake day-in and day-out and still pilot the boat as if it were the first cruise, to dump that extra hill of powdered sugar on my funnel cake, or to dance down Main Street, USA in a 115 degree heat index. It takes incredible people, incredible Cast Members, to make Walt Disney World the place we all love. For all the ways you make memorable magic possible for millions of guests, thank you!” -Kendall Foreman

france-kathy“The smile from the Cast Members who greet me at the Main Street Confectionary as I press my face up against the glass of the show kitchen to ogle at the giant crispy treats. My joy over the love of that shop and the amazing desserts is met with excitement: Cast Members share an equal amount of enthusiasm over the scrumptious sweets.  As a former pastry chef and candy lover, my family knows that I love to ‘talk shop’ when I enter the store. I always find a kindred spirit in the Cast Members who work there!”  -Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons

“Disney CM’s always go above and beyond! Our Disney PR representatives helped put an amazing surf day together for Lou. They made sure we had everything we needed from time in the water to the best footage for the video. They know how to deliver magic and that is why Disney is the best!” -Maureen Rita

(Photos from the collection of Kathy & Sean -“Looking for Magic”)

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