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What is Your Disney Super Hero Name?


Have you ever wished you could be a character in a Disney film? What would your name be, where would you be from, what would be your defining quality? The WDW Radio Blog is giving you the chance to answer all three questions. To play the “Disney Super Hero Name Game” follow these steps:

  • First, find your super hero’s name by selecting the name that corresponds with the first letter of your first name.
  • Next, discover your defining quality by finding the designation that corresponds with the first letter of your middle name.
  • Finally, learn your place of origin by finding the city/land that corresponds to the day of the month on which you were born.

So, if your name was John Q. Public and your birthday was on the 3rd of the month, you would be Tweedledum the Quirky of Liberty Square.

Click on the chart below to open a printable copy of the game, and be sure to share your Disney Super Hero name in the comments section, on the WDW Radio Facebook page, or on Twitter (#DisneySuperHeroName).

(Photo ©Disney)

disney super hero name game


KendallKendall is an editor and contributing writer for WDW Radio. She began visiting Walt Disney World in 1991 with her family and has continued to visit the resort with her husband. Her home-away-from-home is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and she believes a perfect day at WDW includes a dip in the Lava Pool, a ride on Splash Mountain and a Pineapple Dole Whip. Follow her on Twitter @kl_foreman.