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Sneak Peek of The Good Dinosaur at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

IMG_6025The Good Dinosaur arrives to theaters in the United States on November 25, 2015. But if you can’t wait, and happen to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can catch a sneak peek of this highly anticipated Pixar Animation Studios film at the theater in the One Man’s Dream attraction. The preview runs through December 4.

In a world where dinosaurs never became extinct, a young dinosaur named Arlo is rendered unconscious after a fall in a river.  Far from home, Arlo meets and befriends Spot, a human cave-boy.  Together they seagoodrch for the way back to Arlo’s home in the Claw-toothed Mountains.

IMG_6028Artistically, with the release of The Good Dinosaur, animators have achieved a higher level of creativity (IOHO) with voluminously puffy clouds, individually swaying blades of grass, and lumbering  quadrupeds with toes that splay in the soft dirt.  The characters are delightful and voiced by film favorites, such as Steve Zahn, Anna Paquin, Sam Elliott, Frances McDormand.

On November 21 and 22 at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World and Downtown Disney District at Disneyland, you can enjoy The Good Dinosaur at a special dino-themed celebration.  And, don’t forget to check out the Disney website where you can find film clips, special wallpaper, and dino activities.

(Film poster ©Disney.  Other photos from the authors’ personal collections.)


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