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“Staying Home” for Mickey’s Birthday – A Photo Essay



Happy 87th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

As a lifelong Disney nut and new dad, I want so desperately for my son to know Mickey Mouse.   As Lou often comments on the show, so many of today’s young people think of “Disney” as a brand and are not fully aware of the man behind the legend, lore, and iconic signature.

With all due respect to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,  I want my son to know the original Mickey Mouse, too.  The Charlie Chaplin, Walt-voiced, “Aw shucks,” one.   The one I watched on VHS in the late 80’s and early-90’s, and in re-runs on old-school Disney Channel.  (My grandmother is reading this thinking, “I saw those shorts when they first aired in theaters!” To each generation goes the advantage of experience.)

So, to document for my child the Mickey I knew and grew up with — and to honor our pal, Mickey, on his 87th birthday,  here is a photo tribute of pictures my family and I took on my first trip to Walt Disney World in 1988.  The scene: Mickey’s Country Home,  the centerpiece of Mickey’s Birthdayland which commemorated Mickey’s 60th Birthday.  The home would change over the years as Mickey’s Birthdayland became Mickey’s Starland and Mickey’s Toontown Fair, so these pictures have particular interest to me as a sort of genuine time capsule.

So, I hope you enjoy these vintage pictures as much as I do, and remember Mickey Mouse this Wednesday — it’s his special day!


As one approached Mickey’s house:
Front porch

Parked outside, Mickey’s cute car:

Pluto’s abode:
dog house

Upon entering the kitchen…

A homey hearth:

A cozy kitchen…of course, CHEESE on the menu:

A most appropriate study:

Out back:


And around the corner, some friends!

Daisy  Donald Duck House  Goofy









And this special gem…remember Gyro Gearloose from Ducktales?!


Last, but not least: how to pay for your popcorn!

Disney Buck


(Photos from author’s personal collection.)

Richie McNanna is an 8th grade teacher from Westfield, NJ.   He has been a self-proclaimed Disney nut since the age of seven when his parents convinced him that real ghosts lived in the Haunted Mansion, and his goal in life is to retire one day and become one of the Dapper Dans.   Richie’s wife, Helene,  is the most understanding woman on the planet for putting up with his Disney obsession and owed a great deal of emotional payback.  His son is one year old and already owns several sets of Mickey ears.