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Spring B-Ball Gear…Disney-style

As the big spring college basketball tournament is now upon us, I am reminded of the annual ritual of basketball, collegiate pride, and excitement.  And in what way do most of us demonstrate the passion we have for our favorite schools?  With gear that shows our school pride.

Hats. Jerseys.  Warm-up sweats.

I love it all.

Especially the retro-collegiate look.

Now, I’ve seen Disney-themed retro-collegiate gear for sale in Walt Disney World in the past – baseball jerseys with Mickey Mouse on them, Seven Dwarfs sweats…you know the stuff. This is important to me because I love to deck out in Disney gear when I visit WDW.

Taking these two ideas – Disney gear and college basketball madness – I got thinking: what gear from fictional Disney film colleges would I TOTALLY wear if it were for sale in Walt Disney World?

Imagine it: strolling through Epcot on cool evening wearing a warm letterman sweater from Godolphin College, or running in a Disney World marathon wearing a Godolphin College track suit!

What are the origins of these schools?  Check out my list,  and let me know in the comments box if you agree or have a Disney college to add.

  1. Midvale College from The Misadventures of Merlin JonesMidvale College. Midvale 2
    Merlin TitleThe setting of one of my favorite screwball Disney comedies of the 1960’s and Annette Funicello/Tommy Kirk vehicle. Midvale is the place where Merlin Jones prospered as a student-genius…until his mind-reading hijinks threaten to ruin his entire life. And while Merlin is steadfastly non-Varsity, give me a Midvale cardigan, and I’d wear it anywhere in the World!
    Godolphin run
  2. Godolphin College from Blackbeard’s GhostBlackbeard’s Ghost.
    Blackbeard's GhostMy favorite Dean Jones Disney film. You know the plot: Coach Steve Walker takes a job as coach of the hapless Godolphin College track team. Maligned for years, they are certain to fall flat on their hurdling faces at the annual Broxton Realys…that is until a certain ghost of a certain local pirate hero takes matters into his own philanthropic and haunted hands. (I love Peter Ustinov as the famous, old Blackbeard.) Picture 1I would wear a Godolphin sweatshirt on a chilly night in Animal Kingdom or Disney Springs…just in honor of the “little guy.”
  3. Monsters University from Monsters UniversityWhat do I say? This item probably exists already somewhere in Walt Disney World, I just don’t make it there often enough to know it. Monsters University, the hit Disney / Pixar prequel to the original Monsters, Inc., tells the story of a young Mike and Sulley (Billy Crystal and John Goodman) in their good ol’ college days. Fraternity row was an essential part of the plot: Monsters 1Roar Omega Roar, Oozma Kappa – I’d wear any gear featuring these fraternal orders.   Of course I’d HAVE to wear this gear while attending Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, but any part of the Magic Kingdom will do.
  4. Medfield College from The Absent- Minded Professor; Son of Flubber; Flubber; The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes; Now You See Him, Now You Don’t; and The Strongest Man in the World; The Shaggy D.A. Medfield 1
    Computer tennis shoesAll of the Fred MacMurray, Professor Brainard; The Kurt Russell, Dexter Reilly vehicles take place at the notorious Medfield. All I know is this: I would wear a Medfield varsity shirt to any Disney event…as long I drive there in a flubber-fueled Model T.
  5. Taxidermy Tech. and Anthropology A&M from “How to Play Football” Goofy short.
    Ever see this one? One of the classic Goofy “How to” shorts of the 1940’s. I love it. Goofy 4I’d wear a Taxidermy Tech. or Anthropology A&M anything, anywhere…especially the ESPN Wild World of Sports Complex or riding the Barnstormer!
    Goofy 1Photos: © Disney.