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Your Walt Disney World Watercraft Selfies! Plus, a new theme!

This month’s theme required our readers to literally travel to and around the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, as we asked them to hop aboard one of the many modes of water transportation on property. One of our readers even got creative and included a water-bound attraction vehicle!  So anchors away, here are the WDW Watercraft Selfies, and be sure to check out our new selfie theme at the end of the post!


Maegan: “Maegan & Erik Naville with Trader Sam on the Jungle Cruise!”

Walt Disney World Watercraft Selfies 2


Lis: “Hey Lou and WDW Family! My name is Lis, and this picture was taken this past January (2016) while enjoying a Sea Raycer from the Polynesian.”

Walt Disney World Watercraft Selfies 1


Terri Daugherty: “This is me with Captain Ron who drove the boats between Downtown Disney and Old Key West.  He was absolutely the funniest Cast Member we encountered on that trip.  He had us in tears from laughing so hard!!  This was taken December 14, 2013.”

Walt Disney World Watercraft Selfies 4


Andrew Prince: “This is from our trip in 2003 with my Grandma.”

Walt Disney World Watercraft Selfies 3


Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you did not have the chance to send in a picture, be sure to join in on next month’s theme – Favorite Walt Disney World T-Shirt Selfies.  This theme does not require you to visit WDW, but you may need to take a trip to your closet to find your favorite Walt Disney World tee.  The photo can be current or a throwback.  Just send your picture to photos@wdwradio.com along with your first name, where you purchased your tee, and the year it was purchased, especially if it is a throwback.   You have until May 13th to send in your photos!


(All photos are the property of those who submitted them.)