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A Finding Dory Craft to add a splash of color to your wall!

Finding Dory Craft 7

This weekend my friends, family and I made a Finding Dory craft! Today I will be teaching you how to do it. I was inspired by this video by Ryno Clavin, so credit to him. 🙂


Finding Dory Craft 3Supplies: 

  • Various colors of acrylic paint
  • A canvas
  • A printed image of your favorite Finding Dory character
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brushes
  • Pencils
  • A tarp (for when you’re splatter painting)


Step 1: Take the image of the character you chose and use your scissors to cut it out.

Step 2: When you’re done cutting, place the picture in the center of your canvas and trace it with a pencil. Don’t get rid of the picture though! You’ll need it later.

Finding Dory Craft 2

Step 3: Choose any color paint you like and paint everything but the character’s silhouette. This will be your background. You may need two coats.

Findgin Dory Craft 5

Step 4: Next choose a different color and fill in the character. Let the canvas dry completely.

Step 5: Once your canvas is dry, pick one or two more colors you’d like to use. Go outside and lay down a tarp because this next part is messy. (Make sure to wear your “painting clothes” while doing this because I forgot to, which was a mistake!) Take the image you traced (the one we saved for later!) and cover the silhouette on the canvas. We’re covering it up so it doesn’t get splattered with the other colors.

Finding Dory Craft 6

Step 6: Use your fingers, paint brushes or even toothbrushes to splatter the last color(s) onto the canvas.

Finding Dory Craft 8

Once everything is dry, touch up any details and you’re done! 


You don’t have to limit yourself only to Finding Dory characters… you could use MARVEL or Star Wars characters or even your favorite princess!

Also, my mom made us a special drink while we painted, she called it “Dory’s Blue Lemonade”. You could do that too! Make a whole themed party out of it! 😉

Finding Dory Craft

Comment below if you plan on trying this craft out for yourself! 

Thanks for joining me, have a magical day! – Ruby 8:)


(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)


Ruby is a fourteen year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing, drawing, reading, listening to music and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!