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Top 5 Things For Teens: Movies That Should Be Turned Into Walt Disney World Attractions

Do you ever just watch a movie and think “Wow! That would make such a great Walt Disney World attraction!”? Well, this has been happening to me a lot lately. So it got me thinking, why not write a blog post about it? It’s a very relatable subject that all of us hardcore Disney fans could spend hours talking about!

Even though this is a part of my “Top 5 Things For Teens” series, this topic doesn’t only apply to kids. Certainly anyone can be an Imagineer for a day! Once you’re done reading my list, tell me what your ideas are in the comments below or you could build upon mine!

Before we start, let me add- some of these descriptions are more vague than others. I am not an Imagineer, so I couldn’t possibly give exact details. This post is just a combination of ideas I would really enjoy experiencing at Walt Disney World.

Here are my 5 picks:

Tangled - disney

1. Tangled 

I’ve always thought that Tangled should have more of a presence in the Disney parks. Yes, it does have it’s own themed restrooms and Rapunzel has her own Meet & Greet, but wouldn’t a Tangled attraction be great, too?

I’m thinking it could be a dark ride. Tangled is a beautiful movie, both visually and emotionally. Plus, it’s full of musical numbers… so every room in the ride could be very interesting! Just imagine how her hair would look glowing, such as, in scenes where she’s healing Flynn or when they’re underwater! And of course, the release of the lanterns would look breathtaking… kind of similar to the “Kiss the Girl” scene in Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid.

Overall, I think this movie could inspire many great attractions. What about you?

jungle book - disney

2. The Jungle Book

I know that I’m switching theme park properties and all… but have you ever been on Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts in Universal Orlando? That type of attraction would be perfect for my Jungle Book attraction. Part roller coaster, part simulator and full of action & effects!

It would start off in King Louie’s monkey temple. The gigantopithecus himself then asks you for “man’s red flower” but Mowgli says he doesn’t know how to get it  (just like in both movies). This, of course, enrages Louie! And that causes a giant chase that includes you, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagherra versus King Louie and his minions. Think of the exhilarating ride you would have on this multi dimensional adventure!

Big Hero 6 - disney

3. Big Hero 6 

So, this would be placed where Innoventions West used to be (R.I.P). My fantasy Big Hero Six experience would be very similar.

In my dream experience you would be able to test out future technology, take tours on home life or learn about new inventions from the future world of San Fransokyo! You could even play games or try out Big Hero 6 battle simulations. It would be like Sum of All Thrills where you design a rollecoaster then experience it on a simulator. All types of things like that would be cool, too. Finally, there would have to be a Baymax Meet & Greet in the location as well. What would you love to see in a place like this??

princess and the frog - disney

4. The Princess and The Frog 

I definitely think this should be a boat ride, like Pirates of the Caribbean or Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. It would be a peaceful ride through the scenes of The Princess and The Frog.

Just imagine: you’re riding on the bayou as you come across beautiful scenes in the movie, filled with music, animatronics and more! The rooms would be lit beautifully and change from day to night. Can’t you see Ray and the other fireflies illuminating the rooms? It would be a very simple but enjoyable ride ,and I feel we need more attractions like this in the Disney parks again! But, which Disney princess do you think still deserves their own attraction?

Chicken Little - disney

5. Chicken Little

Credit to my Mom starting me off with this idea! Chicken Little is a very random movie to turn into an attraction, I know, but it’s so under appreciated! Most people aren’t a fan of Chicken Little at all, but remember this is just a fun post. So maybe open up your mind a little… 😉 We started off with a dark ride and we’re going to end with one too!

The first rooms in this attraction would be a cluster of all of Chicken Little’s unfortunate fails… encounters with bullies, baseball games, the countless times he claimed “The sky is falling!”, oh, and that one time he had a movie written about how ridiculous he was… haha. Afterwards, the next room would be 0f the scene when a “piece of the sky” really does fall. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll remember how this mysterious object can camouflage. Imagine how cool it would be when Chicken Little, Runt, Abby & Fish are playing around with it! Some type of  “Hat Box Ghost” technology could work pretty well, don’t you think?

Are you familiar with Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland? If you are, remember the room surrounded by screens? It gives the effect that the walls are ripping away, and it is so cool! I was thinking this Chicken Little attraction could use the same effect, in parts when they are in the corn field or at the school, running away from aliens. If you’ve never watched or experienced Mystic Manor, definitely try and watch it on YouTube!

Now to the animatronics – Fish is quite the interesting and entertaining character, in my opinion. His animatronic could be quite interesting, too! His eyes could be animated, like the dwarves’ are on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, to help give the effect that his head is underwater! And Kirby, being an alien, could be a very cool animatronic, too! His many eyes, fluffy orange hair and unique way of movement is so cute and original.

Wether or not you’re a fan of the movie, you have to admit this definitely could be a cool attraction at WDW!


Those are my top five picks, but before you leave I have some questions for you to answer!

What Disney movies do you think should be turned into attractions? Which on my list did you like best? Any attraction title ideas for my top 5? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!!!

Also, if you’d like to read about a similar subject, click here to read an older post that my friends and I wrote about creating attractions.  Or to continue playing Imagineer for a Day, check out Lou’s podcast Show #391 – Top Ten Disney Movies That Should Be Made Into Walt Disney World Attractions.

Thank you for listening & have a magical day! – Ruby 8:)

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Ruby is a fourteen year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing, drawing and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!