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WDW Radio Listener turns part of his home into the Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion Hallway 12Haunted Mansion Hallway 13
Join the WDW Radio Blog in welcoming Mike!  He recently shared some amazing pictures with Lou of a renovation/decoration/Imagineering project in his home, a Haunted Mansion hallway.  Needless to say, we here at the WDW Radio Blog were incredibly impressed and jumped at the chance to share his amazing endeavor with our readers. Read on to see and hear from Mike about bringing the magic home!

Why the Haunted Mansion load area?

“I chose the hallway because one of my favorite parts of the Haunted Mansion is the load hall area, because there, it feels like you are really in a big old mansion. I always admired that part, even though not much is happening there.”

What was the hardest part?

“I dubbed this project (The Project from H*##) because it was extremely hard and back breaking to do. I don’t think I could do it in another room. Also, I really didn’t have a pattern to go by. It was all done on the fly and by looking at and studying pictures. We all know we can’t be at Disney all the time, so I needed things to pacify myself between trips to the parks. So here is my answer.” (Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger gallery of the work in progress.)
“The hardest part to replicate were the big and little demon faces. I had to keep cutting wood until I got the right shape I wanted. I got lucky a few times and got the right shape and angles by accident. They still aren’t exactly like the real thing but they’re close. It took me about 3 months of working almost every day to get the hallway finished.”
Haunted Mansion Hallway 7 Haunted Mansion Hallway 8 Haunted Mansion Hallway 9 Haunted Mansion Hallway 10
“I found the wallpaper online a few years ago at Designyourwalls.com. Disney must have gotten it there also because that was the only place I could find it online. Don’t think it’s available anymore.”
Haunted Mansion Hallway 11

What’s next?

Haunted Mansion Hallway 14Haunted Mansion Hallway 15

“You’ve heard of a Theme Park, well how about a Theme House! I got the idea of making each room of the house into a different theme. It really doesn’t have to be a Disney theme, although mine mostly will be. Each room you go in will be like a different land. It won’t be the same boring theme throughout the whole house. I would encourage everybody, especially Disney fans, to try and do the same thing in their houses. Think of how much fun that would be!” 

(All photos from Mike’s personal collection and used with permission.)


Do you have a Walt Disney World-themed area in your home? Do you like Mike’s impressive design? Let us and him know in the comments section below!