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Our Disney Collections – A Virtual Show and Tell

Disney Collections - kf

Some are intentional. Others happen gradually, almost by accident. Whether accumulated slowly as part of an annual tradition or rapidly in a madness-driven determination, collections are personal.  While many collectors may choose the same subject or theme, each person selects the individual pieces that are amassed to create his or her unique assortment.  If the pieces of a collection could speak, each one would likely tell tales of how it came to be united with the others and its owner, of course. They may share reminiscences of moments gone by.  Each piece serving to aid its owner in recalling memories that may otherwise be lost to time.

What better way to ensure that fleeting thoughts of a joyful Walt Disney World vacation are preserved for the years than to accumulate items connected to those moments?  Over the next two weeks, the members of the WDW Radio Blog Team will be sharing their Disney collections, and undoubtedly, some memories.  Join us for two weeks of virtual show and tell, and perhaps you, too, can share via the comments sections as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

(Photo from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman.)

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