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A Very Disney Love Story

Caribbean Beach Resort

When I married the love of my life in May 2004, he planned a wonderful honeymoon to Walt Disney World. We researched carefully and decided to wait until early December to make our trip. It was extra special, because it was my first trip. We were staying off property, but the first thing I made him do when we landed and got our rental car was drive me to property. I needed to get a look around at the place I’d dreamed of visiting since childhood!

So many times since, I have driven under the “Welcome to Walt Disney World!” sign, but there’s nothing like being able to remember your very first time. I was bouncing around in my seat, because I couldn’t contain my excitement. Then, the real magic happened.

My husband turned into a driveway, and we passed a pink sign saying “Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort” – as a surprise, he’d changed our reservation and we were going to stay ON PROPERTY! I was speechless (which, for me, is saying a lot). We checked in at a colorful lobby, drove through a lush tropical landscape and opened the door to a cool, comfortable room. In that moment, I knew I was home. I’d never seen such incredible theming and attention to detail. We’ve stayed there many times over the years and it always reminds me of that first wonderful trip and the special memories we made. I know Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort gets a bad rap sometimes among the moderates for its sprawling size, distance from room to amenities and transportation issues. But for me, that resort will always be special because it’s the place where the man I love first introduced me to the place that I love.

As an aside, my husband had reservations that evening at California Grill at [8:30]. He had even managed to secure a table by the windows with a perfect view for Wishes! Unfortunately, he had married an extraordinarily picky eater – and upon review of the menu, there was not a single item I would eat….so we left and had pizza. You may be surprised to learn that twelve years later we are still married, but we are!

(Photo property of Chad Sparkes, Flickr Creative Commons license)

Have you ever fallen in love with a Walt Disney World resort? Is it one that lots of people love, or an oddball choice like mine?