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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse


Choosing my favorite Disney anything (movie, song, attraction, land, princess, etc) is quite the anxiety riddled experience. How is a person suppose to choose just one thing out of a Disney universe full of wonderfully imaginative memories and experiences? As indecisive as I may be about the majority of topics, when it comes to my favorite Disney character I can answer without hesitation. My favorite character is the big cheese himself, the mouse that has appeared in over 130 animated shorts and featured in his own comic for 45 years, and is the spokesman of the Disney theme parks, Mickey Mouse! For me, Mickey Mouse symbolizes all that I love about Disney – happiness, laughter, positivity and most importantly, magic.

I could not think of a more fascinating animated Disney character. His origin story is shrouded in lore and his history is a thing of legend. His story begins with his timely creation on a somber train ride home to California from New York in 1928 and only continues to become more interesting as his first cartoons are secretively and covertly animated by one sole animator, Ub Iwerks.  As a superbly emotional animated character, Mickey Mouse’s reactive novelty immediately stood out from the other animated characters of the time. He proved to be the true catalyst for the Walt Disney Studios. It was because of Mickey Mouse’s commercial success that Walt Disney and his animators were able to experiment with color, sound, and story telling. Mickey Mouse truly provided the building blocks for the Silly Symphonies animated shorts which led to Walt Disney’s first animated feature in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


As we prepare to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 88th birthday on Friday November 18, 2016, lets test your knowledge.


1. How many times has Mickey Mouse been nominated for an Academy Award?

  1.  4
  2.  10
  3.  12

2. How many voice actors have voiced Mickey Mouse in his animated shorts since 1928?

  1.  8
  2.  4
  3.  3

3. Which Walt Disney Imagineer was deemed Mickey Mouse’s official portrait artist?

  1.  Herb Ryman
  2.  Marc Davis
  3.  John Hench

4. About how many costumes does Mickey Mouse have in his Walt Disney World Wardrobe?

  1.  About 320
  2.  About 120
  3.  About 130

5. About how many Hidden Mickeys can be found throughout Walt Disney World property?

  1.  About 1,000
  2.  About 2,500
  3.  About 2,000

6. Who was responsible for the original Mickey Mouse doll design?

  1.  Mary Blair
  2.  Ruth Clark
  3.  Charlotte Clark


(Photo ©Disney)

Erin Stough has always loved Disney, but the magic of the parks truly captured her imagination during a mother-daughter trip in 2001. The obsession began and Erin hasn’t looked back! When she isn’t devouring Disney related books, Erin spends time with her wonderful (and patient) husband and super pup Milo.