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What is on your Walt Disney World Christmas List?


At this time of year, carefree youngsters excitedly offer up their Christmas wish lists to anyone and everyone they believe will fulfill their hopes and dreams—especially Santa Claus.  For some reason, grownups are less inclined to put pen to paper (or texting fingers to smart phone) to compose their own wish lists—let alone distribute them to family and friends (or Santa).  Perhaps they are simply too busy, stressed by the season, believe they are being thoughtful, or just want to feel all grownup.  Regardless as to why, the act of offering up Yuletide wish lists has practically been abandoned by many adults.  It seems, for them, the times of sharing their wishes are in the past.  All but forgotten are the childhood days spent happily crayon scribbling construction paper letters to Santa as well as to all those who just might make dreams come true.

As good luck would have it, there is a place that is all about returning to youthful excitement and the belief in magic, Walt Disney World.   Where better to focus our attention when thinking about our Christmas longings? So, like children who are only limited by their imaginations, the WDW Radio Blog Team will be bringing you a week-long celebration of “Walt Disney World Christmas Lists.”  There will be lists of merchandise, places, activities, and events at Walt Disney World and even lists of hoped for future Imagineering projects.  We hope you will read along and join in the fun by sharing your own Walt Disney World Christmas Lists.

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