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Climb Aboard the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

If you and your family are looking for a unique and HILARIOUS adventure while at Walt Disney World, may I suggest the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage. We had never heard of this event before, but we are so happy we did it.

Every trip we take, we try to do something different and unique. Sometimes we try a different restaurant, go on a tour, or stay at a different resort. Knowing we were going to Walt Disney World last May, and knowing that we were going to be with both our moms and may need a little break, we were looking for something we could do alone. Christmas was coming, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Sean with a unique Disney experience.

We already had a ton of dining reservations made, and we did a tour on our last trip, so I was really looking for an event or experience that wasn’t too pricey, didn’t take a lot of time, and preferably took place at night. I found the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage, and to be honest, I was skeptical at first, thinking it was going to be just for kids. When I called to book our tickets, the nice folks at Disney assured me it was for kids of all ages. While I think we were the only couple there without kids, we had a BLAST! I never laughed so hard in all my life! It was non-stop entertainment.

Basically, it’s a private boat ride on the Seven Seas Lagoon to watch the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular fireworks. However, in classic Disney fashion, it goes far beyond that. You start with check-in at Disney’s Contemporary Resort where you are given a number (indicating what seat on what boat you will be on; there are two boats) and a pirate bandana. We had fun trying to figure out how we wanted to wear them – around our necks or around our heads. They also have great pirate props in the lobby so we had the chance to take some pretty funny pirate selfies.


We really felt like we were kids all over again. Once the party starts, you are taken into a huge conference room at the resort that is decked to the nines with pirate props. The main attraction in the room, though: all-you-can eat desserts, snacks and drinks (alcohol-free).


It was incredible! You also get a private photo-op with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Before the party ends, two pirates from Captain Hook’s crew enter the room and tell you how to line up and how to prepare for boarding. Their entire conversation seemed like it was ad-libbed, outside of what they needed to tell us for our safety. When I tell you these two guys were funny, I mean they were FUNNY! I had tears strolling down my face the entire time. So quick-witted and sharp, and the pirate accent added to the hilarity of it all.



Once we boarded the boats and set sail to our designated spot in the lagoon, our pirate host went down each row asking us, the “crew” to introduce ourselves to each other. It was great to see where everyone came from and what they were celebrating. We were also lucky enough to catch the Electrical Water Pageant as it passed by.


Once we got to our spot in the water, we and had an incredible view of the fireworks; it was so breathtaking to watch them from the water! The music was piped into our boat, so you could get the full experience.


Once the fireworks were over, we set sail back to the resort, and now it was time to play. Our host initiated a game of Disney trivia and gave out really cute pirate-themed prizes. Some questions were for the adults, some for the kids, and what was really great was watching strangers help all the little kids out with the right answers to help them win a prize.

Once we docked, we were greeted with one more surprise; I won’t tell you what (or who) it was, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but all I’ll say was it was an extra special photo-op.

So, if you are looking for something really fun and funny to do at WDW, I highly recommend you check this out. Just one tip: The boat docks right when the crowds are leaving the Magic Kingdom. If you are staying at a resort that is not on the Monorail line, either remain at the Contemporary (or any of the three Magic Kingdom deluxe resorts) for a while and grab a drink or a bite to eat, or take the bus from the Contemporary to Disney Springs. Otherwise, if you walk over to the Magic Kingdom to catch a bus, you are going to be waiting for a very, very long time as you will be competing with park guests who are all leaving at the same time.

(Photos from the authors’ personal collection.)

Have you ever joined the crew of the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage?


“New Yorkas” Felicia and Sean are avid Disney fans.  Their first vacation as a couple was in Walt Disney World.  They were engaged there, and also honeymooned there.  After a combined 30 trips to the World, they are self-professed Disney travel agents and enjoy helping family and friends plan magical Disney vacations.