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The 10 photos you must take at Walt Disney World

Disney is a magical place, so it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions I get from families is, “What are the photos you must take at Walt Disney World?”

Planning your Disney trip can be overwhelming, without the added pressure of capturing memories while juggling park days, fast passes, character stops, and meals. There is so much to see, do and explore.

10 Must Take Photos in Walt Disney World

One of my favorite vacation photo tips, Disney or not, is to make a plan and be intentional about your photo-taking while traveling.

It’s important to both be present in the moments of your trip AND capture the memories. So the more prepared you can arrive with specific photo locations, stops, and poses, the less time you can spend behind the lens.

Today I’m sharing my Top 10 ‘Must Take’ Disney photos with you, so you can plan your next Disney vacation photos and dedicate more time to enjoying the Disney magic!

Iconic Park Entrances

Probably the first site that comes to mind when you think Disney is Cinderella Castle. That location is a must capture, as well as all the other park entrance icons –  Spaceship Earth at Epcot, the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or the Chinese Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Character Meet and Greets 

Be sure to research your favorite characters, where to find them, and when. On our most recent trip, we knew we had to document our daughter with Joy. She is only located in Epcot, and we planned our day around making sure we were able to meet her. Scheduling a  character breakfast during your trip can be a perfect way to plan a visit with your favorites, too.

10 Must Take Photos in Walt Disney World

Flying on Dumbo

This ride is a classic! But getting a photo can be a challenge (ie: no selfie sticks allowed!) We had one family be the ‘designated photographer’ who sat in the Dumbo in front of us and was the one to capture a memory.

Sword in the Stone

There are many fun statues in and around the Disney parks, but this was one of our favorites. Our daughter tried her darnedest to pull the sword from the stone, but no luck on our most recent trip!

Parades and Shows

It’s a must to visit at least one parade or fireworks show on your visit to the parks! Disney does not disappoint and the photos will help tell the story of your trip.


One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the food you won’t find anywhere else! Hidden (or not so hidden) Mickeys can be found in waffles, ice cream, Rice Krispie treats and more.

World Showcase

Want to really trip up your friends and make them think your trip went international? Take some photos around the World Showcase, and pretend like you’ve traveled the globe.


Resort hopping is a Disney experience not to be missed. Each hotel on Disney property has it’s own unique look, feel, and special qualities. Make a list of your 3-5 favorites, be sure to visit, and snap some photos while you’re there!

10 Must Take Photos in Walt Disney World

Dress Up

Spend some time in the gift shops trying on the wide variety of Mickey ears, hats, costumes and more. Or allow your kiddos to play dress up in the parks for the day, and be sure to capture them in their full Disney splendor.


Another iconic piece of Disney culture is the Monorail. Be sure it appears in at least one photo! Or, capture what will likely be sleeping kiddos at the end of a long day. We’ve had many bus rides back to our hotel that showcase just how tiring (and rewarding) a day in the parks can truly be.


(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)


14089272_10100935819936217_1946168055186874775_nBeryl Young is the founder of Recapture Self a community for moms who are ready to reclaim their identity beyond parent – using creativity as a guide. Disney is her happy place and she admits to using planning her next Disney trip as a form of self-care. If you would like to learn more about taking care of you, snapping great photos, or register for a FREE photo class, visit her site here.