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WDW Tip of the Week: Check the Baby Care Centers for Essentials (for all ages!)

Have you ever been so excited to get to the park on your first day only to discover that you forgot to put your sunscreen, health item, general medication (Tylenol, Advil, or other), or even baby essentials (diapers, wipes, or even food/bottles) in your park bag? If you find yourself in that boat, and we did a couple of trips ago, head on over to the Baby Care Center (there is one located within each of the parks). Here is the surprise: besides the essentials, they also sell items for older children and adults!

Baby Essentials at the Baby Care Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Walking in I assumed they would have only diapers and wipes for sale, but I was completely blown away by the mini mart offerings in each of the locations! This picture does not show the food and snack offerings at this Baby Care Center in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but they had baby food, some of the early snacks for infants, bottles, and even pacifiers for sale in case you lost one!

And just in case you need medication for an older child or adult, they had items that just might help you for sale as well. I did not check the pricing on all items, but the 3 pack of Huggies diapers that we bought was very reasonably priced at $1.95 (plus tax).

Also, sunscreen is so important to wear in the Florida sun, but not everyone needs 100 SPF, so Disney offers multiple strengths and formulas to attempt to accommodate as many people as possible. I prefer the “dry touch” kind and could not believe that it was for sale on the Walt Disney World property! Word to the wise, one coat in the morning won’t cut it in Florida, so make sure to re-apply often while you are there (something I have forgotten to do quite often).

Thank you for reading this Tip of the Week and let us know if you have one or if you have used this tip in the past!


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