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VOTE NOW! Magic Madness Sorcerer’s Sixteen

It is time for the second round of Magic Madness 2017.  You have narrowed the field of thirty-two animatronic and electromechanical favorites to sixteen – The Sorcerer’s Sixteen! 

In the closest contest, Ursula defeated the Swedish Chef by just 12 votes, making him just another one of her poor unfortunate souls. Heigh ho, heigh ho it’s off to work the Seven Dwarfs went as they defeated Stitch by the widest margin with 86% of the vote.

Now the choices get even harder as these sixteen challenge each other for a spot in the Enchanted Eight.


Round 2 voting ends on Wednesday, March 22nd at [5:00] PM.

Also, if you would like to see the updated bracket, download the printable pdf here, and make your Enchanted Eight selections.

Note:  When casting your vote, you must click “vote” after each selection.

Voting for this round has ended.  Join us for the Enchanted Eight on Thursday, March 23 at [9:00] AM.


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