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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Raglan Road Answers


1. The warm, cozy interior of Raglan Road has room for how many guests?

  1. 600 – Believe it or not, Raglan Road can fit in an impressive 600 guests at one time! While dining on Irish specialties, listening to Irish music, and partaking in Irish spirits, guests can enjoy relaxing in authentically crafted furnishings. Featuring Irish craftsmanship, each piece of furniture in the pentagonal room was custom built with woods indigenous to the Emerald Isle (such as Mahogany and Walnut) and imported from Ireland to the United States for assembly. The cubbyholes along the walls, or snugs as they are called in Ireland, are my personal favorite place to sit and enjoy the raucous atmosphere. 
  2. 400
  3. 300

2. True or False: The name of the pub, Raglan Road, is based off the song “Raglan Road” made famous by Van Morrison. False: While many people may know the song “Ragland Road” performed by Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor,  Ed Sheeran, and many others, the name of Walt Disney World‘s pub does not originate from this popular Irish tune. “Raglan Road” is not only a song and pub, but an actual location in Ballsbridge, Dublin. First immortalized by the famous Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh in the poem “Raglan Road” (originally published under the title “Dark Haired Miriam Ran Away” but is more commonly referred to as “Raglan Road”), in which Kavanagh eloquently weaved a tale of an ill fated love affair that began on Raglan Road.   It really is a beautiful poem with a rich layer of subtext to discover. 

3. Raglan Road offers how many beer flights on it’s drink menu?

  1. 6
  2. 4
  3. 3 – Along with an impressive array of liquors and mixed drinks, Raglan Road offers 3 beer flights and 6 different whiskey flights on their drink menu. The beer flights range from $9 t0 $10 and feature; The Four Provinces Beer Flight, Cream of the Crop Beer Flight (draught beers) and Raglan Road Signature Beer Flight (which includes Raglan Road’s four signature beers).

4. True or False: Raglan Road only serves lunch and dinner. False: Every Saturday and Sunday, Raglan Road offers the Rollicking Raglan Weekend Brunch. This full service brunch is held between the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM and offers traditional Irish entertainment such as dancing and music from 12 PM to 3 PM. Their is an adult and kids brunch menu, both bursting with delicious options for every palate. The adult brunch menu and offers nine appetizers, thirty-eight different entrees, and twelve sides. A few of the selections that caught my eye were the Full Irish Breakfast ($21) with Sausage, Black and White Pudding, Bacon, Roasted Tomato, Mushrooms and Fried Eggs with Roasties; the Kevin’s Heavenly Ham ($25) Irish mist glazed Loin of Bacon with savoy Cabbage, Colcannon Potatoes, Parsley Cream Sauce and a Raisin Cider Jus; and the Irish Egg ($12) Guinness & Onion Sausage Crusted Egg, Pickled Cabbage, Saffron Aioli.

5. What is the name of the nightly music and dance show at Raglan Road?

  1. Lord of the Dance
  2. River Dance
  3. Rhythms of Raglan Road – So this was an easy one! Guests can watch this 90 minute show every hour on Mondays through Fridays from 4 PM to 9 PM. Rhythms of Raglan Road is a music and dance show produced in Ireland specifically for Walt Disney World. Notable Irish director David Hayes (Riverdance) and choreographer Michael Donellan (Lord of the Dance) worked on Raglan Road‘s prestigious, toe tapping show.

6. What is the symbol in Raglan Road‘s logo called?

  1. Triskele – According to raglanroad.com (the restuarant’s offical site) the triskele is “a symbol composed of three interlocking spirals – it reflects the ancient Celtic concept of the interrelations between the earth, water and sky. So the Raglan Road logo represents the essence of Ireland – land, water and life.” If you are interested in learning more about the triskele or Raglan Road I highly reccommend spending some time on their website!!
  2. Sprial
  3. Does not have a name

(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons: Raglan Road/justinls, license)

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