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Let the Adventure Begin – Looking for Disney Books


Disney books and where to find them


There’s nothing quite as magical, relaxing, or as exhilarating as a book. While some people enjoy watching television to unwind, I’d much rather be cuddled up somewhere quiet and comfortable, turning through the pages of my next great imaginative, written adventure. Like many book worms, I have my favorite book genres, my “go to books” for relaxation and enjoyment. My books shelves (and pretty much most available spaces in my apartment) are stuffed with cozy mysteries, Alice in Wonderland adaptations, Harry Potter material, and animal non-fiction. However, encompassing the greatest amount of space is my truly prized collection of Disney books. Easily numbering into the hundreds, each book has been lovingly read multiple times, used often as reference material, and (surprisingly) many have been shared with close friends. I am constantly on the look out for new material and can often be found searching the web or scouring the nearest used book stores.

In the up coming months, I hope to share with you some of my personal favorites as we adventure into the world of publishing. By reviewing Disney books, old and new, I plan to help you add to your Disney library. However, before we get started with our inaugural book, let’s look at some of the best places to uncover a treasure trove of unique Disney books.


1. Library Book Sales

Library book sales are an excellent place to find older (and sometimes rare) Disney books at bottom prices. Libraries are constantly inundated with book donations, and if you are patient and have the time to sort through some bins, you may be pleasantly surprised with what turns up! I have found some amazing books from the 1970s and 1980s at library books sales ranging in themes from Walt Disney World to the Walt Disney Company. The best part of library book sales is that your dollar goes a very long way as the books are often priced extremely low.


2. Used Book Stores

There is nothing more magical than a used bookstore! Books tend to be everywhere – and I mean everywhere. Some are neatly placed on shelves, others stacked in haphazard piles, and others still are in cardboard boxes. This is another place where patience is often required and rewarded. Be prepared to pay more than one dollar for books. I have found the average book price for coffee table sized books to be around twenty dollars, but when the book’s retail is upwards of fifty dollars, it is still an excellent deal. From my experience, these books tend to be more contemporary (from the 1990s on). I love buying from used bookstores since many Disney books I have found have previously been library books, therefore they come complete with protective covering


3. Amazon

So, I may be a little obsessed with buying books on Amazon.com, but I’m sure I’m not the only one! I find, on average, that out of the big book retailers, Amazon consistently has the best prices. I really love that I’m able to scope out the up and coming Disney books and put them on a want list so I remember to purchase them when they are published. I also have been able to find some out of print and more difficult to find books on Amazon at good prices, as you are able to purchase from outside buyers. With any retailer, it is important to do your research. If buying from a secondary buyer, make sure to look at their reviews and return policy.

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