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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – China Pavilion


Our next stop on our World Showcase journey is the architecturally and horticulturally rich China pavilion. Beautiful gardens, bright red coloring, and gold accents abound in this pavilion. As I researched this quiz, I was amazed to find that there is much more than meets the eye! For example, trees are not “just” trees. Instead the flora and fauna found in the China pavilion have been carefully chosen by Imagineers to represent Chinese culture. A great example of this attention to detail can be found in the Mulberry trees scattered throughout the pavilion. These trees represent China’s silk industry since silk moths lay their eggs on Mulberry leaves. Another lush plant found in the China pavilion’s gardens is the camellia, a flowering plant used for tea brewing. And let’s not forget about the bamboo! So, grab your passport and come with me to take in some of the wonderful details that make the China pavilion so unique.


1. True or False: As you enter the China pavilion from the Norway pavilion, the three large stones on your right are purely decorative.


2. What is the name of the large structure you walk underneath to enter the China pavilion?

  1. Gate of the Golden Sun
  2. Gate of the Emperor
  3. Gate of the Forbidden City


3. What is the name of the main walkway through the China pavilion?

  1. Street of History
  2. Street of Good
  3. Fortune Avenue of Culture


4. True or False: The name of the China pavilion’s main architectural centerpiece is the Hall of Prayer and Good Harvest.


5. When did the China pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase open?

  1. October 1, 1983
  2. October 1, 1982
  3. October 1, 1985


(Photo from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman.)


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