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What are your “Blue Sky” ideas?

Blue Sky Imagineering

In Walt Disney Imagineering, the term “blue sky” refers to a time in the concept phase of project development when all constraints (physical, practical, budgetary, etc.) are ignored and ideas are able to flow.  Imagineers are allowed to dream the impossible, follow their heart and imagine like a child.  While some ideas never leave the “blue sky” phase, others become amazing feats of Imagineering lived out in Disney Parks around the globe.

Each guest who has visited a Disney Park, if he or she is being honest, would have to admit to having had a “blue sky” moment of his or her own.  Ideas that flow out of a love for a favorite animated film, perhaps a desire to walk through a world entirely unlike the everyday, or maybe just a longing to experience something outside human ability.  Whatever the case, all Disney fans have an attraction, resort or restaurant idea that they wish would be given life in Walt Disney World.

With this thought in mind, members of the WDW Radio Blog Team will be bringing readers their “blue sky” ideas over the next two weeks.  Join us as we make our case, share our thoughts and dream a few dreams.


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