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Imagineering a Monsters, Inc. Roller Coaster


Monsters, Inc. One of the most exciting scenes in any Pixar movie is in Monsters, Inc. when Mike and Sully are racing through the door factory trying to save Boo from Randall. At one point, the doors in the warehouse are activated causing the monsters to travel through them to various places all over the world. My wife has always thought this would make a great roller coaster, and while I agree it could be exciting, I had a hard time envisioning how it could be done.

But then a thought struck me. What if it was similar to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster? It would be indoors with lots of black lights, neon paint and animatronics. There would be doors on walls all over the place and your train would travel through them.

Or better yet, instead of paint, what if they used screens and projections? Then they could randomize the scenes, like in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, and guests would get a different experience each time.

Having a hard time envisioning it? Well, in the immortal words of Tim Foster, go with me here…

First, you enter the queue line which is the Monsters, Inc. building. As you make your way through the line, the backstory unfolds before you. Boo has accidently made her way back to Monstropolis and Randall finds out. Mike and Sully enlist your help in finding her before Randall does, and they send you off to the giant door vault to look for her.

There you board your train and take off. Boo is obviously in the vault somewhere because you can hear her laughing and suddenly all the doors are activated. Your train flys through any number of the doors taking you all over the world. The Imagineers could go crazy coming up with places to travel and, if they used digital projections, the possibilities are literally endless. Personally, I would love to go to the Himalayas to see John Ratzenburger’s Yeti and the trailer park where the Pizza Planet truck is in the movie.

Of course, you would save Boo from the Randall’s clutches by the end, and the last scene would be Mike and Sully taking her back home again.

I would love to see this ride happen. What about you?


(Image ©Disney)

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