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Imagineering a Walt-Way


Based on recent rumors, it is possible that Walt Disney World will build a skyway gondola transportation system to connect some of its theme parks and hotels. Information from Reedy Creek Improvement District is sparse, but it sounds like the goal is “to add a transportation system that will make the resort experience more magical for guests.”

It’s a brilliant idea!  For Disney fans who remember the Magic Kingdom Skyway, it could be an updated version of a classic attraction.  For guests who are frustrated by the tedious parking lot/tram/bus transportation to the theme parks, pending the design and operation of a skyway gondola, it may offer an additional transportation option to ease the currently overloaded system.

But, here’s another idea from this armchair Imagineer.  With the Walt Disney World commitment to the planet through wise use of resources and conserving nature, has Reedy Creek Improvement ever considered a more extensive system of interconnected walking and biking paths?  What I’m actually proposing is a greenway that permits guests to walk or bike between resorts, theme parks, and other attractions on property, such as Disney Springs.

How might a greenway at Walt Disney World work?  Here are some ideas, and some pros and cons:

  • Greenways typically connect people and places together, complimenting existing amenities.  A Walt Disney World greenway might offer the possibility of additional restaurants and recreational opportunities along the walking/bicycle paths.
  • To move from place to place, guests could choose to either walk or bike via a bicycle sharing system.  Bicycle sharing systems, which are used in many cities internationally, permit people to borrow a bike at point A and return it at point B.
  • An interconnected walking/bike path does raise some security and liability issues. Safety considerations include lighting, signage, crime, interactions with wildlife, and injuries, not to mention the Florida heat.  In reality, would the warmer than average temperatures limit the usefulness of a Walt Disney World greenway?
  • A Walt Disney World greenway could offer additional fun and healthy options for guests to move between resorts and theme parks, particularly for guests that have an active lifestyle.

As a Walt Disney World guest that prefers to walk rather than use Walt Disney World transportation, beginning with the small things, I would love to be able to walk from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa to Magic Kingdom Park.

And as long as we’re Imagineering, the name “Walt-Way” comes to mind for a name. What’s your Imagineering idea?


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