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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Be Our Guest Restaurant Answers



1. How many dining rooms are featured inside Be Our Guest Restaurant?

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 3 – Within the Beast’s Castle, the Be Our Guest Restaurant has three magically unique dining rooms for guests to explore. With a seating capacity of 550 people, Be Our Guest offers hungry travelers the opportunity to dine in the castle’s opulent Grand Ballroom, dramatic West Wing, or the romantic Rose Gallery (previously referred to as the Castle Gallery in very early Walt Disney World promotional material). Dining guests are encouraged to walk around to explore the rich environment – there are details everywhere, so make sure to look up, down, and around! Take your time as each room has many surprises, carefully crafted details, and special effects.


2. How many candles can be found in the Grand Ballroom‘s centerpiece chandelier?

  1. 80
  2. 84 – Measuring more than 12 feet by 11.5 feet wide and containing over 100 large sparkling crystals, the Grand Ballroom‘s grand chandelier contains a whooping 84 candles! This chandelier is truly fit for a princess.  
  3. 74


3. How tall is the Beauty and the Beast music box located in the Rose Gallery?

  1. 10 feet
  2. 8 feet
  3. 7 feet – Said to be created from an actual jewelry box the Beast gifted to Belle, the impressive recreation in the Rose Gallery stands at 7 feet tall! Make sure to take a moment to truly appreciate the craftsmanship and listen to the carefully orchestrated tones. 


4. What nickname did the Walt Disney World‘s restaurant design team give to the two large stone sentries located on either side of Be Our Guest‘s main entrance door?

  1. Gargoyles
  2. Golions – The large and somewhat melancholy sentries that flank the entrance to Be Our Guest are part goat and part lion – hence the nickname Golions. 
  3. None


5. How many windows (real and artificial/show) can be found throughout the Beast’s castle?

  1. 115 – Throughout the Beast’s castle there are an estimated 115 windows. Each magical in their own right, some, such as the windows found in the Grand Ballroom truly use pixie dust.  These massive windows allow diners to look out onto an animated snowy evening in the enchanted forest. Other windows, such as those found in the entry way of the castle, retell the romantic tale of Belle and the Beast through carefully crafted stained glass.
  2. 110
  3. 120


(Photo ©Disney)

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