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Disney Treasures by Funko


Subscription boxes are extremely popular, and it’s no surprise considering the wide variety of boxes available. There are literally hundreds of boxes available for purchase catering to every interest under the sun! And it’s no wonder subscription boxes are so wildly trendy – who doesn’t love getting surprises in the mail? I for one love to receive mail and packages, so at the insistence of my brother in-law (who loves Funko products and subscribes to the Funko Legions of Collectors box), I decided to take a closer look at the Disney Treasures by Funko box.

Funko promotional material describes the program by stating,  “Every other month you’ll receive a unique themed box filled with 100% exclusive Disney Classic & Disney Theme Park collectibles created by Funko especially for the Disney fan. Each box is valued at over $50, and includes an exclusive Pop! Vinyl, other figures, pins, accessories and more!” 

With three different levels of membership available, I decided to give this subscription box a go. I chose the Traveler level which means that I purchase the individual boxes every other month for $30, and I am able to choose which themes, if any, I would like to skip. The other two levels are Adventurer which is a 6 month plan (3 box commitment) with each box costing $29 or the Explorer which is a 12 month plan (6 box commitment) with each box costing $28.


Disney Treasures by Funko Subscription Box


The box finally arrived and it was absolutely adorable! The cardboard packing box is designed to look like a wooden crate complete with a special sticker unique to that month’s subscription box. (Don’t worry! There is another sticker in the box so you don’t have to try and pry it off the packaging!)






Interior of Disney Treasures by Funko subscription box


The inside of the box is incredibly detailed. The underside of the top flap details a beautiful comic map showing various ports of call (upcoming box themes). After looking at this map and the upcoming themes, it was easy for me to decide to continue with my subscription plan.







pin and patch in the Disney Treasures by Funko subscription box


Each box features a unique pin and patch (this is true for all Funko subscription boxes). Both are very high quality and nicely designed.







design and concept art for Disney Treasures by Funko


One of the things I wasn’t expecting but absolutely loved was this fold-out fact sheet. (My brother-in-law told me that this is also a staple in every Funko subscription box). Fun insider information is displayed along with cool conceptual graphics of the included items.






Figures in Disney Treasures by Funko subscription box

In this box, Festival of Friends, there were three main items. The larger Dumbo with Timothy the Mouse vinyl was the exclusive item and comes with a cute little clear stand to place Dumbo on top of so he looks like he is mid flight. The small Woody vinyl was considered a mystery item and came with a really awesome collectible tin that features a Toy Story Midway Mania design.  The third was a Pluto figure.






I would highly recommend this item to any Disney lover! The overall quality of the box design to the actual items is outstanding. Looking at the price in comparison to the merchandise, $30 is a definite deal! This subscription box would make a fun gift for that special Disney person in your life, or even just a cool mystery package for yourself. If you’re looking for more information about the subscription box program head on over to Funko’s website at http://next.funko.com. The website is full of great information, a chance to see past boxes, and a neat little animated teaser trailer for the upcoming August box.


(Photos from author’s collection)


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