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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Songs from the 80’s Soundtrack

One of the (many, MANY) things I loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming was the use of 80’s music played throughout the film (and at the 80’s themed Homecoming dance).

These tracks aren’t on the (beautiful) Spider-Man: Homecoming (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – by Michael Giacchino, but here’s a list of the songs, and where you can hear them in the film (click to listen/buy on iTunes):


  1. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – The Rolling Stones (Opening credits)
  2. The Underdog – Spoon (Peter goes back to school)
  3. Blitzkrieg Bop (Remastered Version) – Ramones (Spider-Man swinging in the city and End Credits)
  4. Yodeler’s Dance (As Featured in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”) – Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra (Peter’s cell phone ringtone for Ned)
  5. Going Up the Country – Canned Heat (Heard in the school bus, on the way to the academic decathlon)
  6. Cineramascope (feat. Trombone Shorty and Corey Henry) – Galactic (During news report after the Washington Monument scene)
  7. Save It for Later – The English Beat (Heard while Peter is getting ready for the Homecoming dance with Liz)
  8. Space Age Love Song – A Flock of Seagulls (Heard at the Homecoming dance)


What is your favorite song from Spider-Man: Homecoming?