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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Castaway Cay Edition Answers

Photo by Paul Brennan some rights reserved


1. Roughly how many Cast Members inhabit Castaway Cay?

  1. None
  2. 30-50
  3. 80-100 – According to Disney cruise line Cast Members, around 80-100 Cast Members remain on Castaway Cay. This group of Cast Members is mainly comprised of maintenance personnel and life guards. The living quarters for the Cast is found past the berm formed by large bushes and brushes. (If you take the tram around the island to the different spots you will see the berm). Castaway Cay “live-in” Cast Members are hired on a contractual basis which generally is about three months at a time.


2. Which live action movies have used Castaway Cay as a filming location?

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 
  2. Splash 
  3. Both A and B – Parts of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Splash were filmed on the beaches of Castaway Cay!  


3. True or False: There are no post offices located on Castaway Cay. False: There is a nice little post office located on Castaway Cay. When disembarking the cruise ship for Castaway Cay, the post office can be found on your right-hand side shortly after walking through/past the red security check point. Like all things Disney, the post office is nicely detailed. My favorites are the name of the post mistress (May B. Tamara) and the cute post office boxes on the outside of the building which are little cubby holes filed with messages in bottles. The post office is not run by Disney and does not have set hours of operation. If it is closed while you are on Castaway Cay, there is a slot for your already stamped mail. It’s fun to mail postcards from this location as there is a special Castaway Cay postmark stamp used on the mail!


4. How many beaches are located on Castaway Cay?

  1. Three – In total, there are three beaches available to guests on Castaway Cay. Two of the beaches are Castaway Family Beaches where any age guest is welcome to splash in the water or lounge in the sun. Both of these beaches can easily and quickly be reached by foot. The other beach, Serenity Bay is exclusive to Guests 18 years and older. During my most recent trip, I found it easier to use the island’s tram service to reach Serenity Bay. The sun was brutal during our stay so sitting on a shaded tram car and feeling a little bit of a breeze was much appreciated! All the beaches offer lots of hammocks, lounge chairs, beach chairs, and most importantly, shade. All locations also have life guards on duty and waiters walking around the beach ready to take your order for a frozen tropical drink
  2. Two
  3. Four


5. How many Beach Cabanas are located on Castaway Cay?

  1. 35
  2. 20
  3. 25 – There are a total of 25 Beach Cabanas located at Castaway Cay. The Beach Cabanas, while pricey (around $400-$600), are extremely popular and book up quickly. However, after hearing a first hand account from fellow cruisers, these cabanas are the way to go! Overall, the Beach Cabanas offer a great deal of privacy when compared to the lounge chairs on the beaches, and they are also covered to protect against the elements. Eveb better, they are over flowing with extras! Guests lucky enough to snag a cabana can expect to find a refrigerator full of cold soft drinks and water, snacks galore, extra towels, sun screen, inner-tubes, sand toys for the little ones, water fun equipment (snorkels, flippers, goggles, etc), and a shower to wash off all that sand. That’s not even the best part – each cabana has a personal waiter/waitress who will tend to your every need. Our friends told us that the cabana waiters will even take you in a private golf cart to Cookies BBQ and right up to the entrance to the cruise ship. Now that’s relaxing in style!


(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons:  Castaway Cay – Mount Rushmore©Paul Brennanlicense)

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