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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Germany Pavilion Answers

1. True or False: The miniature railroad and town display (located next to the Germany pavilion’s restrooms) was an opening day attraction.

First erected in 1993 to celebrate the first Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, the miniature railroad display became so popular with guests that Walt Disney World executives chose to leave it up year round. The trains are made by Lehamnn Gross Bahn (LGB) and can run during all weather conditions including rain and snow!! Keen eyed guests will notice that the miniature train display is intricately decorated to coincide with different Epcot festivals and holidays.


2. How many examples of German architecture are displayed on the outside of the Karamell Kuche shop?

  1. 2 – Many guests may already know that the Karamell-Kuche shop was not always sponsored by Storck, USA (the makers of Werther’s Original Caramels). In fact, it wasn’t until 2010 that Karmaell Kuche opened its doors to offer guests sinfully delicious treats. This building originally housed the opening day shop called Glas un Porzellan which was sponsored by Goebel and featured Hummel figurines. While the sponosrs have changed over the years, the general architectural design has remained the same. Looking at this building with the Germany pavilion on your left and World Showcase Lagoon on your right, guests will see an example of a simple German craftsman workshop. This is represented by the tiled roof and beautiful leaded glass windows, which show artists at work in bright stained glass. When guests enter into the Platz, the Karamell Kuche shop transforms to represent the German architectural style referred to as Fachwerkhauser (or timber framing). Common in Southern Germany, this style of building features a stone or brick foundation, dramatically pitched slate roofs, and dark timbers joined by pegged mortise and tenon joints.
  2. 3
  3. 1


3. How many sit-down restaurants are available in Epcot’s Germany pavilion?

  1. 3
  2. 1 – Located towards the back of the pavilion, hungry guests can find the Germany pavilion’s only sit-down restaurant, Biergarten. A true thematic dining experience, Biergarten’s dining space is made to represent an old Bavarian town square during the evening. More specifically, the platz is an artistic representation of the German town of Rothenburg during the 16th century. Complete with antiquarian lamp posts, trees in autumnal colors, a working wooden waterwheel, dark wooded two story buildings, and a dark sky with an illuminated full moon, Biergarten is the perfect place to celebrate Oktoberfest. Communal tables seat up to eight individuals and the buffet includes Germanic delicacies such as cold sausages, sauerkraut, spaetzle, schnitzel, pretzel rolls, and apple strudel. But what would an Oktoberfest celebration be without music? Luckily, Biergarten features a unique German ommpha band named Oktoberfest Musikanten, hand bells, alpine horns, and accordion players.
  3. none


4. What is the name of the proposed attraction that was to be featured in the Germany pavilion?

  1. The Black Forest
  2. Grimm’s Adventure
  3. Rhine River Cruise – Like the name suggests, The Rhine River Cruise was to be an E-ticket attraction located in the Germany pavilion (apparently where the Sommerfest mural is by the back of the pavilion). Guests would board boats for a river cruise that was to be composed of the Rhine River, the Tauber River, the Ruhr River, and the Isar River. While traveling Germany’s famous rivers, guests would have been afforded a scenic view of some of Germany’s most famous locations such as the Black Forest and the Cologne Cathedral. Like many great Walt Disney World legends, that of The Rhine River Cruise has been morphed and expanded upon over time.


(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons: Property of ©Mark & Paul Luukkonen, Germany Pavilion, license, no changes made)


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