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WDW Tip of the Week: Uses for Park Maps at Home

Walt Disney World Park Maps
If you are anything like me, then you come home with a handful of maps from each of the Walt Disney World parks! (You never know when a friend might ask for traveling tips and having some on hand to give them is always a bonus). But after a while, they begin stacking up and then you ask, what you can do with them? Here are a couple of fun ways I have used my Disney Park maps at home:



Keep Special Maps to Frame:

I have yet to actually purchase a frame for this, but I have extra special maps kept to the side and plan on buying a frame with a special map-sized mat to outline them. Special maps for me include our first trip to Disneyland; a map from my son’s first trip to Walt Disney World; a 40th Anniversary map (this one I bought on Ebay); and one from the first trip my husband and I took together! They may not be special to anyone else, but to me they bring back some fun memories.



Keep a Map from Each Trip: 

Finding the Date on Walt Disney World Park MapsHave you ever looked closely at some of the small print on your Disney map? If so, you might notice a copyright symbol for Disney and then a month/year. These are great tools to help remind you of an approximate date that each map design was used! I have never read anywhere or spoke with anyone about this date, but from looking at park maps from the past, it appears that they rotate map designs a couple times per year. During a special event or holiday seasons, they are changed. What I love about this little feature is that it helps you keep track of the different trips you have taken in the past and what might have been going on in the parks (new attractions or lands opening; new parades; and even the removal of favorite areas).



Display Your Maps:Displaying Walt Disney Wold Park Maps

During a crafting event last year I made a cute board that could hold pictures and hang on my wall. I decided to make mine into a little display for some of my favorite pictures from our Disney adventures and even a couple of maps! A great place to look up different display options is online. Lots of people have done the crafting already and are so excited to share their ideas.



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Do you have any fun uses for your old Disney maps? Please feel free to share them in the comments below so that I can see how creative our WDW Radio family is!


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