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Lou’s Inbox: Watching Football at Walt Disney World

“I recently stumbled across your show, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop as my wife and I prepare for our upcoming trip to Disney. While we are super excited to do the Food and Wine Festival, the downside to traveling in the fall is that it conflicts with college football. As a big Notre Dame fan, I make sure to watch every game, and I am wondering what is the best spot to catch a game? I would like to go to the ESPN Club on the BoardWalk, but I’m afraid it would be too crowded, and I wouldn’t get a seat near the TV with my game on. Do you know of any other spots to watch the game? Our hotel room is not an option because we will have checked out by the time the game comes on. Thanks for all you do for us Disney fans! Matt M.”

Matt, my name is Chris, and I write for the WDW Radio Blog.  As a lifelong Clemson fan, I completely understand the desire to not want to miss a game, even at Walt Disney World.

While it’s true that the ESPN Club will be crowded, I think it will still be your best bet for watching the game. There are TVs all over the restaurant which means two things: one, there is a greater chance of seeing a team not from Florida playing (like Notre Dame), and two, you are more likely to get a good seat.

The downside to the ESPN Club is the crowds, so make sure you get there early.

If you’re still hesitant about the ESPN Club, let me offer two other options.

The first is to go to any of the bars or lounges on property. They will be less crowded and have a more relaxed atmosphere. The downside to the bars and lounges is that there will be less TVs, so they might not be showing the game you want to watch.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes - disneyThe other option is Splitsville Luxury Lanes, the bowling alley in Disney Springs. The atmosphere will be great and there are more TVs  than at the bars and lounges. The downside here, is that their main focus is, of course, bowling not football, so that might get distracting.

There are positives and negatives for each of these places, but if I were wanting to watch my Tigers play, I’d try the ESPN Club first.

What about the WDW Radio Blog readers? Where on property would you choose to watch your favorite sports team play?


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